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  2. That is a fumble plain and simple.
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  3. I’ll admit I lost track. Has he left Mount Vernon HS? Moved onto a new HS? In jail somewhere?
  4. Feels hollow at best to me.

    How could it possibly take 4 years with all of the attorneys and judges involved in the various lawsuits to finally determine these documents A) exist, and B) should be handed over.
  5. ...and they said those Baylor folks couldn't dance!

    That my friends is the epitome of "a little side-step".
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  6. I think your question provided your answer. It’s because of all of the lawyers and judges (who are also lawyers) that are involved. My experience with litigation (thankfully limited) is that everything moves in extremely slow motion while all of the hourly legal bills heavily mount. In an attempt to be objective, there are so many stakeholders in this that it’s not simply resolved especially while the defendant seems to be stalling. I’m fearful that Baylor’s delays and obfuscation will end up being very beneficial to their own interests.
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  7. Classic case of deepest pockets wins.
  8. eat [ #2020 ] and die, baylor
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  9. Doesn't the defendant generally always have an advantage the longer the litigation?
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  10. I don't like them even that much.
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  11. It has now been over 4 years since Art Briles was fired at Baylor. Yet the NCAA still has not announced their punishment. Are they efficient or what?
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  12. Question:
    Did the briles fan who made the bet with one of our KF.c folks every pay up and deliver on, what I think was, a bottle of bourbon?
  13. I think they did.
  14. you just knew the school in Waco would find a way to back out of playing a decent non-conferernce opponent!
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  15. Gee that was quick Baylor.
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  16. They are probably still having nightmares about the last SEC team they played.
    Much easier to play a lower division.
  17. [​IMG]
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