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  1. I doubt I would boo one of their girls. Now one of those dancing Kansas City Fa****s, you bet.
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  2. Oh man, they are so delusional. I riled them all up. They made fun of LHCGP, I shot back and they are clearly not right in the head.
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  3. Baylor talking [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about Oklahoma is ironic considering Waco is the Oklahoma of Texas Cities.
  4. That's unnecessarily demeaning to Oklahoma.
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  5. My sincere apologies ... to Tulsa.
  6. At least you can gamble in Oklahoma
  7. You can rape in Waco.
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  8. And build crap homes with lots of cheap shiplap. Then sell them for 4x what they're worth cause Waco people are dumb.
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  9. Actually, most of those clients seem to be baylor grads who originated from elsewhere. However, as they may have likely already relocated to Waco, and chose to attend baylor, your judgement is affirmed.
  10. Further proof that place is the 13th grade. Additional proof that Fort Worth area 6th graders have a stronger grasp on word usage than the average Baylor grad.
  11. Josh Gordon suspended again. How many fourth chances does this guy get?
  12. How good could that dude have been if he could have stayed clean? Talk about wasted talent....
  13. Starts with the high school coaches that let him do whatever
  14. Yeah. Bears. How original. Losers.
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  15. And parents.
  16. Living in OK is a bit of a gamble in itself...but I like the odds there more than Waco

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