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  1. Late night Monday news dump? That’s a new one.

    Don’t they usually save those for Friday’s?
  2. Sure sounds like Briles is only willing to turn over documents that benefit the illusion that he was just "poor ole art" and not address the well documented cover up he engaged in.

    --The filing indicates that Briles is willing to turn over documents related to the highly secretive NCAA investigation into Baylor. However, he did not submit those documents Friday, citing concerns that doing so could violate the wishes of the NCAA, Baylor and federal court.

    Briles also declined to turn over his communications with all attorneys since his May 26, 2017 firing, or to allow lawyers to search his personal email account and cellphone. Waco attorney Jim Dunnam, who represents the 10 former students who were allegedly assaulted while attending Baylor, did not oppose Briles’ objections.--
  3. Five minutes of video to get you fired up.

  4. Good job, Big 12.
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  5. I wonder if Art has selective memory like Ian?
  6. 2007?

    Football hadn’t been invented yet. What kind of sorcery is this?

    - BF.com, probably.
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  7. No matter what Urban knows...baylor still sux.
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  8. Came here thinking someone had found a BU supporter declaring themselves equal to Ohio State. Carry on....
  9. https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/30470

    One guy thinks Matt Rhule will be in the running for next head coach at Ohio State, but most of the talk is of course about the respective regents at OSU and Baylor.

    These people are darned up.
  10. For some reason when you guys post a link to one of their darned up forums I click on it. Then I get annoyed for about 10 minutes before I move on in disgust. I'm not quite sure why I click on those.
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  11. I’m off worse. I went there on purpose.
  12. One poster noted that Rhule wasn't on the list of possible replacements for Meyer, to which another posted it was possible because:
    "Was rhule on the favorites to become Baylor's next coach back in January? I could see that happening regarding your last paragraph"

    I guess they forget they ended up with Rhule because NO ONE ELSE WOULD TAKE THE JOB!!!!

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  13. I still don’t understand how you accept a job without ever stepping foot on campus.
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  14. Especially that one.
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  15. Especially after being "offered" the Oregon Job
  16. S-T reporting that the Briles to Italy (the country) rumor is now official. Arrivaderci,.
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  17. Anybody else get the feeling ol’ CAB is fleeing the country to prevent him from testifying in these upcoming BU/Jane Doe trials?!?
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  18. I hope he gets whacked.

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