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Baylor vs. UT—which will you root for?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by JockO de Frog, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Just so many questions....
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  2. I just realized how we are so jealous of their success.
  3. I would enjoy it if the announcers kept referring to both teams as Tech or Texas Tech and that they thought the game was being played in Lubbock.

    What was the question, again?
  4. If it aint pepperoni on pizza, it aint pizza.
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  5. Three words. Milk and cookies
  6. Not Baylor.
  7. But, do the local Law Enforcement folks wear katanas?
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Going against ut all the way. I've got a lot of disdain for Baylor going all the way back to little spent Ann Richards pushing Baylor into the Big whatever and TCU out. Dispacable Briles exponentially amplified that. Rhule though... the guy is a class act and the work he has done there is amazing. To be as good as they are with the challenges he had is workcraft. Add to it completely changing the culture. We lost this year but to see a great game between two classy teams on the field was a joy.

    Texas on the other hand... Their aggressions are both more recent and long-standing.

    Took our AD... Which has cost us dearly

    Tried unsuccessfully with all they had to keep us out of the Big XII upon the last realignment.

    And their fans... oh hell no. They need their ass handed to then every chance there is. With the money, name, recruits, if they're not too 5 or at least 10 annually, they are an embarrassment.

    Tassles? scheissing tassles?

    I do salute them both for the strides they've made in the cheerleader departments though.

    I also have fear of GMFP heading down to Austin. At times I wish he would evolve and quit griping about all the things that don't matter and come with coaching a small school, but...

    We are very unlikely to do better


    He would be miserable and unsuccessful at ut. 4* and 5* and GMFP are not the magic combo.
  10. Strange thinking
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  11. Would a North Korean small tactical nuke hitting Waco really be a bad thing?
  12. Happy belated birthday.
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  13. Fallout. Never a good thing. Although the Brazos isn't anything to cheer about in terms of cleanliness, salting it with a bunch of nasty Cesium and Strontium isotopes would be non-optimal.

    Kinetic projectiles from orbit would be superior both in effectiveness and lack of radioactive by-products. Just a few tons of tungsten zipping along at 27,000 mph...
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  14. While I am aware that the Football Gods care little for my passions, I would like seeing the Rapists laid low. Badly.

    The fun part will be seeing how the BIGXII handles it. "Which scenario benefits us the most: UT wins (normal knee-jerk reaction, or help the team which could make a NY6 Bowl?" It's a toughie.
  15. I am revising my earlier post (dream).
    I will never root of tu or baylor. I’m this case, I hope that tu scores fewer points than baylor...
    BEAT okie!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  16. I think that the Longhorn Network's existence almost guarantees that GP will never go to UT. I think he would absolutely despise the media obligations. Feels like they trot the HC out there 5X a week to do some stupid conference or film review.
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  17. can you imagine gary doing some of those features they do on the lhn and i am not talking about gary getting to play his guitar in his office for people.

    the first time a film crew was out at the practice field holy [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]tttt
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  18. We want Tom Herman at UT as long as possible. We own him. If not for turnover machine Robinson he'd be 0-3 against us. Hopefully a win over Baylor satiates the blood lust for Herman's head.
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  19. So Big 12 repped by Kansas, Tech and ....Texas. LMAO

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