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BAYLOR TITLE IX CASE UPDATE - Waco Tribune Herald Article

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  1. A federal judge this week expedited the principal Title IX case against Baylor University, ruling that the pretrial procedures established for the first 10 plaintiffs would also apply to the remaining five plaintiffs.

    Three lawsuits, encompassing 15 women who allege that Baylor officials mishandled their sexual assault complaints, will be consolidated into one bundle for discovery and pretrial purposes, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman ruled in a win for the plaintiffs.

    After a lengthy and contentious discovery process in the first 10-plaintiff lawsuit, lawyers representing all 15 women were pleased by the ruling.

    "It makes things much, much more efficient," Waco attorney Jim Dunnam said. "We don’t have to repeat as many things and we’ve obviously had concerns of Baylor continuing to slow down the process. This, at least, makes it a little more difficult for them to slow down the process."

    The structure of the cases after the discovery phase is not yet known. Pitman will ultimately decide if the cases of the 15 plaintiffs will be heard separately in the courtroom. Until then, depositions and discovery obtained by the women known as Jane Does 1-10 apply to the remainder, known as Jane Does 11-15.

    In a brief this week, Dunnam and his co-counsel, Chad Dunn of Houston, asked Pitman to consolidate the two cases, Jane Doe 11 and Jane Does 12-15, against Baylor. Those lawsuits survived motions to dismiss from Baylor and had yet to begin any significant discovery.

    Seeking to avoid "a recipe for confusion" and "a wall of flow charts," the lawyers pressed Pitman further, asking him to consolidate the 15 cases.

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  2. By consolidation the Plaintiffs can jointly use depositions, documents, witness statements, judicial admissions, etc. even if the party taking the deposition settles their portion of the lawsuit.
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  3. Is that Hammer lawyer on the team?
    Would love to see those commercials.
  4. I don’t care about Baylor headlines but I want justice for all the women impacted by their utter indifference to sexual assault.
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  5. Is Mississippi testing the waters on Briles hiring or are they genuinely interested?
    Some AHOLE school will hire that scum bag one day. When that day comes it will be a sad, sad, sad day
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  6. The first criminal trial for the freshman soccer player was particularly heart wrenching. Baylor chased her out of school and let the rapist stay in their joint class. Unbelievable. Even if Baylor Administrators wanted to wait on law enforcement to do their jobs, they could have made other arrangements for her schedule to assure her safety.
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  7. Froglaw, I truly appreciate your continued perspective on this matter. Keep it coming.

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  9. Per the Title IX Regs, the University was bound to accommodate the victim, and not the attacker. They did the exact opposite of what was clearly stipulated in the rulebook. The phrase "with malice aforethought" springs to mind...

    I do hope to see them utterly crushed. Since the trial is out of the hands of the McLennan County "Justice" system, there is a real possibility of that happening.
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  10. "Binders Full Of Women" Strikes Back

    Go Girls.

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