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Baylor/La Tech postponed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. I’d be okay with that as long as there was no relaxation of academic progress standards.
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  2. Their secondary never meets the threshold for competition, doesn't usually mean they cancel.
  3. Current conference standings for 2020:

    Baylor 2 - 0
    TCU 1 - 0
    OSU. 1 - 0
    UT. 0 - 1
    OU 0 - 1
    WVU. 0 - 1
    ISU. 0 - 1
    KS. 0 - 1
    KU 0 - 1
    Tech. 0 - 1

    That’s number of cancellations to number of games played. Baylor is winning
  4. Because of "contact tracing." What a load of steaming crap...
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  5. the players thought that meant rape investigation and they all skipped town
  6. Heh. At Rape U., that just means a few extra windsprints...
  7. So contact tracing works great at baylor now but when rape is involved they can’t define the words...
  8. Not one positive test. This is becoming more and more of a joke by the day. Nashville's mayor pretty much let the cat out of the bag. The entire point is to keep coronavirus a front and center issue for the elections and downplay any good news, play up the bad and manufacture bad news when there isn't any bad news.
  9. This season will be a wasted effort if they shut down every time someone can be traced back to near another person. Should just shut down if they have way too stringent guidelines that you can almost never play. 6 degrees of separation and there will be almost no Big 12 games.

    Put in reasonable guides and play the games. If someone is positive morning of the game, they sit.
  10. I think it would be reasonable to presume that, in football, being a "contact sport", everyone comes in contact with everyone....
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  11. Fact check something sometimes, it works...

  12. Maybe UH could have just bussed a little further to Fort Worth....
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  13. I fear the acceptance and willing submission to this contract tracing is a very slippery societal slope. “Where have you been, who have you talked too and what did you discuss?”
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  14. The Mayor is a lying crapsack. He knew the numbers, even by the bloated standards of the Health quacks, were pathetic. Yet, he killed thousands of jobs and ran hundreds of businesses under for nothing.

    Is it any wonder that our worthless fraud of a Governor, Abbott (spit), graciously allowed restaurants to open just a wee bit more? Maybe this bit of fraud being exposed frightened him a bit?
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