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Baylor/La Tech postponed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Also, Stuart Mandel is a little [ hundin].
  2. Stopped reading the story after this. What did it say?

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  3. I stopped reading after Mandel's tweet.
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  4. Waiting for the first conference game to be cancelled. Then we're in trouble....
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  5. It's stunning to me that all of these national sports writers have dug in so deeply to the "I told you so!" narrative about COVID, even though being right will mean that many of them may lose jobs or get laid off for a while.

    They are never held accountable, though. Here's a perfect example. Alan Shipnuck at Golf Magazine called for a shutdown of the PGA Tour in June when a few caddies tested positive.


    Two and a half months later, the PGA TOUR is a shining example of how sports can be played during this crisis. Yet, he refuses to admit he was wrong. The media think their job is to hold everybody else accountable, but who holds them accountable when they push for things that were proven wrong?
  6. with a heavy heart.......LOL.

    What a clown. You don't have to be very bright to realize 400-500 hundred people on a 200-acre golf course poses no undue threat whatsoever to the spread of the virus, but it's not really about common sense, it's all about virtue signaling and showing people how caring you are.
  7. Odd to see the word "virtue" in a thread about Baylor
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  8. Loved his book on Rich Beem. Have pretty much ignored him since, though.
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  9. bummer this was postponed. this was baylors toughest non conference game in a decade or so.
  10. because journalism is filled with liberals.
  11. Yeah. Talk about mutually exclusive terms...
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  12. Mandel is just pissed that people keep coming up to him and asking for Tony Barnhart's autograph.
  13. then why did you post the damn thing in the first place?
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  14. #coronabros
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  15. Does Stuart Little not understand that 5 games being postponed means that the overwhelming majority of games still will be played this week?
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  16. He doesn’t care. It is the narrative that he projects that is more important, not facts. This is how the whole media has become. They seem to think they know better than everyone else and will tell people how to live and think.
  17. And these guys didn't know, Feb 7th, that Covid was going to be at least 5 times more deathly than the 30,000 million that die in the US, of influenza annually, as Someone else did, in a previous conversation with Xi.
  18. The estimates in March from an European model projected millions in the US. 400-500k deaths alone in Texas.

    It was this model that prompted the initial 15 day shutdown recommended by the CDC and Pres Trump. That model was flawed and the numbers were grossly overstated.

    We have been trying to get back open across the country and some politicians want to keep us closed down even though the numbers say different.

    In February nobody thought it was going to be bad here. Trump shut down travel to and from China and the left accused of him being a racist and xenophobic. I could go on.
  19. 30,000 million is a lot of deaths.
  20. Piffle. Uncle Joe said that such a number is merely a statistic.

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