Basketball This Week

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  1. Two good games for our team this week. SMU at home Tuesday and Nevada in LA on Saturday. We have to be more consistent to stay undefeated.
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  2. Need to sell out the game vs. SMU.

    How are there tickets on stubhub, even more, why are they so cheap?
  3. Is Robinson good to go against SMU? It appeared on TV that he may have twisted his ankle

    and seem to be in some discomfort.
  4. It is sold out. There are tickets on Stubhub because 8 P.M. Tuesday games don't work for some people's schedules.
  5. Almost all the games are sold out if you are going by the TCU ticket office.

    By sellout I mean no empty seats.

    8PM opens it up for people who have regular jobs, I am guessing most people do. Have kids? Get a babysitter or take them out as an exception for 1 night.

    This is against a big cross town rival, we need to sell it out. (Fans in purple in their seats)
  6. How many kids do you have? Not trying to be a prick, just curious. I have three young kids and am not going to keep them up until 10:30 on a school night. Our family also just shelled out $2k for the big 12 championship (and are trying to get to the bowl game as well). My TCU sports funds are getting a little low at the moment...

    I agree with the sentiment that we need a big raucous crowd for this game. Time to let SMU know that the days of them whipping our butt every year are over.

  7. Fair enough, I understand.

    I do not have kids.
  8. All of that and then I decided to shell out to get a babysitter so we could go to the game. Go Frogs!
  9. SuperT!
  10. Wish I could attend. Alas I will be watching only on TV.
  11. Let’s have a great crowd and cheer on the guys to a big victory.
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  12. I’m looking forward to being jammed in a tiny seat with no elbow room.
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  13. Amo B There
  14. Just got this email.

    Goal is now to be in line to be one of the first 300 students and snag me this shirt.

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  15. PM me if you want 4 tickets for tonight's game.
  16. What?
  17. Damnit. Why did you wait until I bought some on stub hub?
  18. I am going to be there.
  19. Thanks Kansas.

    The big 12 was having a good week.
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  20. How can they lose by 10+ at sprint center? Wth....21 pt favorites tonight??

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