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Basketball Program is back to Trent Johnson era levels

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. At least Trent Johnson had the excuse of inheriting a dead program that never had a winning record in the MWC and playing in a high school gym for 1.5 seasons.

    All the momentum this program had in 2017 and 2018 is down the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ter.

    I think a coaching change after this year is too hasty but it has to be NCAA tournament or bust next year or a change needs to be made. This program can't afford another season like this, our fanbase isn't basketball crazy enough and really only shows up when the team is winning.

    I said at the time and I will say it again, we should have just let Dixon go to UCLA, I thought bringing him back would turn into a lame duck situation and lower the program's perception.
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  2. Agreed! Wish we would have let him go. The program needs a new face. I couldn’t imagine if I performed so poorly at my job that they would let me stick around, especially considering the money involved.
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  3. Dixon is the basketball June Jones for TCU.

    It might be good for both parties to part ways. Unless the administration believes he can revive the team or TCU can't get out of the contract. Can TCU part ways with Dixon? TCU didn't allow him to go to UCLA, now he can do the same with TCU?
  4. Dumb ass decision to not let him go to UCLA the more I think about it. Screwed him and now it screwed us because we would have to buy him out. ADJD was in over his head.
  5. With several 4 star recruits and a 5 star transfer coming, if they are not greatly improved next year, I'm giving up. Had the same seats since Jamie was playing, so I think I've been patient enough.
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  6. You stayed with it through all those crap seasons and now you’re going to jump ship? That’s odd decision making.
  7. Those crap seasons, TCU didn’t invest the money and resources in the program. Then this coach tries to jump ship, we should have let him but we didn’t. Then has this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] of a season. Get him the scheiss outta here.
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  8. That's an insult to CTJ.....who brought in the talent Dixon rode to early success all the while recruiting to a high school gym.

    I'd say the program is back to Tim Somerville levels. How can anyone associated with this program feel good about where we are?
  9. No. That's an accurate historical perspective that understands we may have never had a team that gets less out of more than whats been run out there the last two years.
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  10. Nice post. I wasn’t talking to you.
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  11. Dixon hasn’t been a top tier coach in a decade.
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  12. I know. I’m venting.
  13. Y’all should consider getting less worked up over a game played by students. It’s pretty far down the scale of important things in life.
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  14. I wonder what changed
  15. question francis, am i misremembering which is entirely possible, but is the offense the frogs are running the past two years different than what they ran dixon's first two back at tcu.
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  16. A lot of truth to this statement.
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  17. I think since hes been here we have focused on the 3 ball and high ball screen. In that sense, no.

    I think we see more attempted dribble drives than we did, but it clearly isnt helping.

    Our guys cannot drop a bucket of water into the ocean at the moment. We have regressed. 3 weeks ago we belonged on the floor with Tech. I have no idea what has changed. This isnt transfers and injuries like last year..
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  18. Are you having a bad night? Bed time.
  19. but if you agree with it, please leave the site. It’s a fan site! Rather see passion.
  20. The big difference is we were able to play inside out with Vlad giving us a low post scoring threat. It opened up everything.

    This is some bad, really bad basketball. There is no development going on at all....our 3 highly rated freshman are nothing more that warm bodies. Dennis and Grayer ....don't get me started. Ledee....seriously how was he so highly rated? RJ and Samuel are in there 3rd year and the best that can be said about them is they are frustratingly inconsistent.

    Have zero hope that this turns around this year. I suppose if Easley turns out to be the second coming of Michael Jordan we have a shot to improve next year.

    Just flabbergasted that CJD puts this crap out there.

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