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Basket-Brawl in Lawrence (Kansas vs KSU)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by West Coast Johnny, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Couple those Kansas players probably shouldn’t be playing again this year
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  2. We gotz a chance!
  3. So DeSousa lost the ball, then body slammed the guy after blocking the final shot, then stood over him and talked [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] and then tried to hit him with a chair?

    Man - there is no way he should see anymore playing time this year
  4. The class I expect from Kansas.
  5. That KU dude shouldn’t play again for a long time.
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  6. The fight spilling into the stands is especially disturbing in a Ron Artest sort-of way.
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  7. KU hockey team making headlines?
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  8. Not sure what caused the KSU player in white pants and black shirt to not be suited up today - but whatever it was, I am guessing it just got extended after the threw the first punch...
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  9. Eh. Didn’t think it was that bad. He at least put the chair down willingly.
  10. Fans cheering the team was an especially classy touch.
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  11. It was a big scuffle; "massive brawl" as it's being called in the media and above clip seems a bit over dramatic. Descriptions aside, the guys who took it into the fan area deserve some time off. Can't do that.
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  12. Desouza and McCormick shouldn’t play again this year
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  13. Multiple people were throwing punches, more were shoving, someone flew across the room, and someone picked up a chair and was about to use it as a weapon. That counts as a brawl in my book. But I've been known to have low standards in the past...
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  14. Lest we forget how exhilarated we students were when Goo, Simpson, and Ricky mopped the floor with Aggies. And Dibbles jumping the rail. Punishment? None.

    Those were the days.
  15. Can say that for a couple of them. Desosa or whatever, guy with the arm sleeve stomping on someone, and other throwing haymakers. I’m sure TCU will be their first game back though.
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  16. Too harsh. It was a fight. Whatevs.
  17. The dude picked up a chair. You feel like that’s normal?
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  18. After watching Brennan Huff use a bicycle as a weapon in Step Brothers, yes.
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  19. In Mexia that’s called a Family Reunion.

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