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Bad news and good news......

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. The bad news (at least for some of us) ...... Joey Galloway and Herbie are doing our game this week.

    The good news ..... Laura Rutledge is coming with them.

  2. Herbie is a good thing, very supportive of Frogs over the last 4-5 years
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  3. I like Herbie, but many on here seem not to.
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  4. I’m cool with Herbie..... I’m REALLY cool with Laura
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  5. Hmm, Dave Flemming always does Thursday games but I’m surprised Herbie is on board, too. That they’re bringing Galloway tells me somebody lost a bet.
  6. Many on here don't like a single announcer who has ever called a TCU game except for a handful who have only called one sided Frog blowout(s).
  7. Kirk’s kids top school is TCU. Last spring my brother gave Kirk and his family a a private tour of campus and they expressed TCU was at the top of the list.
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  8. He did ALL he could to darn us in 2014. He routinely put us and Baylor down while propping up Ohio State and apologizing for their crap loss. Listening to him suck off Ohio State in their game against us this year made me wanna throw up.

    While I can agree he is good at what he does, most of the time...he is a partisan hack who darned us in 2014. So darn him, forever.
  9. That’s not why I’m surprised. I’m surprised he’s on a Thursday broadcast.
  10. No pics of Laura?? Sad. Need to rectify.

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  11. Pointy elbows

    /internet nerd
  12. Hip to shoulder ratio all off. WNB.
  13. I hope she wears the two piece to the game.
  14. Moose Stuff and I have the same question.....
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  15. I feel like that picture answers it, or at the very least allows for an educated guess.
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  16. Yep.....she’s tall
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  17. I have the same question. And it looks like the answers is 'no, she does not miss leg day'.
  18. Seems like there’s a bit of a struggle between NCAA and NFL for that Thursday audience. NFL has been throwing their A-team at that Thursday night game with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.
  19. You guys are WAY off. NFF and I are talking about whether or not she’s a natural blond.
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  20. She could almost be a showgirl.
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