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Astros World Series 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by fuelfrog, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Seems like the board been kinda quiet. Wakey wakey. Stros baby
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  2. Loel Passe and Gene Elston are smiling somewhere...
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  3. awesome
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  4. So glad Nolan is along for the ride, hated it something awful when they let him go to the Rangers. Also really happy for all the old gang, going back to the Colt 45s, but especially those from the '86 team that got hosed against the Mets.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Found a 6-pack of Crawford Bock at the new HEB in Hudson Oaks a couple weeks ago. Cans painted like the old "Clown" jerseys. Actually really good beer, apparently what they are selling now at the ballpark.
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  7. one of multiple local beers sold at minute maid. karbach brewed crawford bock to be sold at the stadium exclusively as well as a group of their other beers, but have now expanded the markets.

    i prefer the st arnold options sold at the stadium and eight wonder has dome faux'm which was brewed to commemorate the lighter beers sold back in the days of the astrodome.
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  8. They have them all over DFW. Total Wine & grocery stores in Fort Worth as well. Solid beer.
  9. Karbach is a solid brewery!
  10. Love St. Arnold's products, and man, that's a terrific nostalgia hit: "ICE cold beeah heeaah! COLdest foam in the dome!"

    Can you find the faux'm at retail in DFW?
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  11. not sure, 8th wonder is the brewery and they have have a number of quality beers and many have a houston theme
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  12. FIFY

    It’s just a joke
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  14. Milo?
  15. Mmmmm... Beer.
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  16. Love Passe.
  17. Loel!
  18. How cool was Billy Hatcher’s Game tying Home Run though? Awesome!

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