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Apology to Sonny

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. As I watch SMU utterly manhandle a UNT club that is supposed to compete for a CUSA title, I have to give Sonny Dykes props. This SMU team looks better than anything Chad Morris fielded in his tenure. Clearly SMU ponied up in trading Chad for Sonny. SMU will be 3-0 when they arrive at Amon Carter and we best look out. I always thought Sonny was riding his father’s coattails but, no, this man can coach! They will not be a push over. Happy for Sonny!
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  2. I bet he reads this board and sees your message.
  3. I hope he does. Maybe we bring him in to interview for HC gig when Gary retires. Unless Cumbie or Fuente are already a cinch.
  4. UNT's offensive coordinator from the last couple of seasons at a new school this year.
  5. Smew can always KMA.
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  6. hell no on all three as hc.
  7. Great point. Harrell is one of those air raid coaches on the rise.
  8. No, no, and no.
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  9. Whoa. No consideration even? Who are your candidates then???
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  10. You should start a new thread with your top three candidates. It would be very kfc.
  11. Wouldn't we want to wait until GP retires and evaluate who would be the best available candidates at that time?
  12. yeah, usc looked like a well oiled offensive machine
  13. no
  14. You are a troll.
  15. Say what Trolltoad?
  16. I will worry about our next coach on the GP announces his retirement and not a day before.
  17. You spelled Tollroad wrong.
  18. Messages. Plural. There are plenty of them.
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  19. Backup QB currently torching Stanford.
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  20. I bet someone he knows will.

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