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anyone remember the cannon?


One semester in the middle-60s I needed a few extra hours so I enrolled in whatever "music appreciation" was called back then. I recall one test question, "What is a musical canon?" My answer was "A very loud percussion instrument." I passed the class, anyway.
Any chance Annette Planick was the teacher? She was certifiably crazy. When I had her in 1968, and the Wogs in there found out I knew music, they would actually get up during tests, walk over and look over my shoulder for answers, and call them out to their buds in the class.

tyler durden

Tyler Durden
No cannon, but when I was there in the late 80s/early 90s it was the Lariats, drunk as skunks, up on that hill ringing the bell. There weren’t a ton bell ringing worthy moments in those days. Some times they’d get it going for just a completed pass.