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anyone remember the cannon?

Tim Griffin

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Seems to me that I recall the time, maybe in the late 60s, when we tried to emulate A&M and UT by shooting off a cannon on the hill above the south end zone, and they used too much powder, or something, and the thing came off the wheels and rolled down the hill. Anyone recall that?


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What happened to the Vigilantes? They were into heavy drinking and hazing new members in 1971.
I was acquainted with a few of them. Good dudes.
I dated a Vigilette in the 60's. She was a great Dude-ette and also enjoyed a cocktail or two at the OUI Lounge.
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So are or were the vigilantes the same group that dresses up like cowboys at the games today?…(can never remember their name!…TCU website says the Rangers but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they were called when I was there?)

Big Frog II

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I remember the cannon. Sadly in the 70's they rarely got to set it off. Once they started to build the weight rooms and expand the dressing rooms, there was no place to put it. Of course with the Vigilantes going away, there was no one to take care of the thing.