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Any Gamblers Mad At Gary For Not Kicking the Extra Point?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by HG73, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. I don't gamble on college sports. Not bagging on others, just seems not the way to go to me.
    Don't really gamble on pro sports, or do much gambling in general anyways.

    win by 1
  2. Zebra,
    That's what I was thinking when they just ended the game. Makes sense. My question, why is that the rule?
    Is it because it would only drag out a game needlessly or extend the chance for players to get hurt, etc? Or is it because it just makes sense?
  3. That’s what you get with Doug..To him, stick routs, screens, and jet sweeps with WRs are all running plays. Basically any pass thrown within 5 Yrds of the LOS is a run in this offense. On paper we rushed 44 times and if you remove the QBs from that number it was 22 attempts for 89 yards by non QBs. Not exactly lighting up but yah after the 1st couple of drives they abandoned the between the tackles stuff.

    You’ll never convince me that you can effectively run the ball spreading carries between 4-5 backs. I believe rhythm means something and a guy can’t get get going when he gets yanked after every carry.
  4. Right. And I've never played a down as a defensive lineman, but I'd have to think it's a hell of a lot easier to rush the passer when there is no threat of a run between the tackles.

    We were doing fine running the ball in the first quarter. Meacham probably just can't help himself, married to the scheme. His insides probably consider a power running play as a down given up.
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  5. CGP was going to go for two anyway. Why wouldn't you go for two? It is an opportunity to work on a two-point play against an opponent.
    That's the way I saw that whole final drive. Working your two-minute offense against an opponents defense.
  6. the service academies running the wishbone do a better job feeding one or two backs than the frogs did on saturday and that isn't that type of offense

    the pirate damn sure didn't try to spread touches among his vast number of skill players in beating lsu, but for some reason 9 players ran the ball, 10 players caught the ball, and for some reason demercado is now a hub of the offense

    we have seen this circus before and while there is some flash to it i am not sure how this ends differently if we keep going 5-wide, big splits and the constant rotation of skill players
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  7. Let me establish that I'd take DM over SC any day as what we got with SC was incoherent, predictable, and in my opinion did nothing well. However, Meacham is frustrating in the direct opposite kind of way. On one hand your watching the game and the ball is moving around in really creative and mostly coherent ways and you think.."Damn we have something here" but then you look up and realize you ran 9 plays to go 17 yards, had 3 penalties that stalled you out, and even though your running a LOT of plays, you have no points to show for it. Oh...and you did all that in about 90 seconds.

    I've always thought DM was an enigma and I've spent a lot of time studying his version of the air raid. He is very creative and I think his offense can mostly get whatever it wants from a passing perspective but he never seems to understand the advantage of playing physical football. I'm in no way saying you need to line up tight and maul people but at some point you need to be able to grind for 4-5 yards a pop and be OK with it. I think DM knows that but trying to always throw for that 4-5 yards of pop instead of run for it cause you to be your own worst enemy.

    I watched all of his games from his time UH and KU because I love the X and Os and I can tell you that moving the ball wasn't this issue. The tempo and the constant short passing opened those teams up for more self inflicted wounds and eventually they often beat themselves either by timely penalties, turnovers, or simply mental mistakes. There seems to be a really high volume of self inflicted wounds with DMs offenses.
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  8. the final drive to me was the perfect capper to the game on the offensive side of the ball. no real sense of urgency, no real sense of situational game awareness, we have already talked about the complicated math of being down by 9 means you have to score twice, and the result was a 13 play- 90+ yard stat padding drive that got max some needed snaps and the score a bit closer.

    i would feel better about that if we hadn't seen before that if in that same situation later in the year we don't see the same lack of situational game awareness
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  9. It's a stat padding offense. Run more plays + throw the ball more = gain more yards. At the end of the day, if you get your ass kicked you can usually say, well, look at the stats, we threw for 300+ yards and scored 30 points, my side of the ball isn't the problem. It sometimes seems like stats trump (not to get political) winning at times.

    Many a coach out there has kept their jobs, or been able to find new ones, losing games 45-40. The ones that lose 20-10 are selling insurance or working in the AD office.
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  10. more accountability in selling insurance than working on some staffs.

    as you know wex, getting close in a sale (or a lease in your case) pays jackshit
  11. bill murray: doug, you have had a drive going, it is 2nd and 4 from your opponents 40 what do you do?

    doug: line up trips to the wide side, back off set to the weak side, gigantic splits, then motion the back to the trips side so we have quads to the wide side, isolate mikel and.........

  12. CBS is fake news!
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  13. Shock collar. Eventually, it gets results...
  14. Alot of assumption that we would have made an extra point!
  15. I think it can be effective but it tries to do Waaay to much. It’s as if it’s built to play from behind. I think you can be aggressive and keep people off balance behind a group of nuts and bolts plays, saving the onslaught of misdirection for situational moments
  16. Did some of you negative Nancies actually watch the game? We ran the ball well until we got behind. Then we had to pass to catch up. Gary didn't want to play Max for health reasons, but had to put him in for the second half. Max lit them up and we had an excellent chance to win until Taye had the crazy interception. What lost the game was our run defense and bad snaps from center. First game crap that will get corrected. Look how bad ISU was in their first game.

    Our offense is light years better than last year. Max is better. Mainly our receivers are catching the ball. Kill and DM are just getting started. Fix the run defense and this is a real good team.
  17. I took us on the $ line, so I had already reached the acceptance stage by the time of the meaningless TD.
  18. "We ran the ball well until we got behind. Then we had to pass to catch up"

    the actual game play by play doesn't completely agree with this idea. during the frogs first offensive series of the second quarter the score was still 0-0 when they had this string of plays:

    1st and 10 at the tcu 22 demarcado runs for 1 yard up the middle
    2nd and 9 at the tcu 23 downing connects with taye barber for a 15 yard pass
    1st and 10 at the tcu 38 downing to barlow is incomplete
    2nd and 10 at the tcu 38 downing's pass again is incomplete
    3rd and 10 at the tcu 38 and once again downing's pass is incomplete

    then the cyclones break the 76 yard run so tcu is down ONE SCORE so do they go away from the run?

    the next offensive series the frogs were somewhat balanced and got a score, isu kicked the field goal after the long pass play, and then we get the fateful series before halftime

    less than 90 seconds to go, deep in their territory, the offensive line struggling to protect, and an inexperienced quarterback after a 4-yard run the frogs go 5-wide and we get the strip sack that sets up the cyclones at the tcu 17 .

    the offense did some good things and there is big potential, but there were two questionable offensive series between the frogs first series of the second quarter with the 4 straight passes when they had been running the ball successfully and then the series with less than two minutes to go when they didn't provide the tackle any help after the frogs had struggled the entire half
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  19. We pretty much abandon the between the tackles stuff a couple drives into the second quarter. It was still a 7-7 game and there was no reason not to keep running downhill at them.

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