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Any Gamblers Mad At Gary For Not Kicking the Extra Point?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by HG73, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Wasn't the line 2.5?
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  2. Did he have the option? I thought the rule is that the point is only played if it has a chance to impact the game. Since we were down 3 and the best we could do is score 2, the game was over.
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  3. Thought the announcer said the ref asked Gary if he wanted to kick the point and he declined. You are probably right.
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  4. I thought Gary had the choice.
  5. You're correct. The referee announced it to the crowd almost verbatim what you said above.
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  6. I never bet on sports but was so early season bullish that I thought we would beat Iowa st. So I threw $100 on it for fun. The roller coaster of emotions of being upset the frogs lost, to happy I won my bet, to pissed we didn’t kick it and subsequently lose the bet was quite the experience. Not in a fun way.
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  7. wouldn't a better question be is anyone frustrated with the frogs clock management and decision making on that last drive?
  8. I gave up on our clock management 10yrs ago.
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  9. pharm mentioned on the game thread that the frogs needed to save time by kicking the field goal and go for the onside based upon the time, but instead the frogs continued to grind away on the drive

    next night the saints are in a similar situation and sean peyton takes the field goal giving the saints a chance for the onside.
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  10. Seems like this is a regularly gamed-out scenario the coaches do in the off season. Clock management is an art form that some just don't grasp, or it escapes them in the press of events.
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  11. at some point you would think someone on that coaching staff would have realized that the frogs had to score twice to win the game.

    realize math isn't everyone's strength, but when you are down by 9 points and the most you can get off any one series is 8 it would seem pretty clear cut what needed to be done, but ......

    should i even ask the question as to why after running the ball effectively with the backs in the first quarter they basically went pass heavy?
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  12. It's in our staff's blood. I think we have some pretty good running backs, and I know our O-Line struggles in pass protection. So, what should we do....how about 5 wide and an empty backfield, that seems smart.

    I'm with you on that formation. Just take the damn thing out of the playbook, I never want to see it again. But I know I will. Early in the Texas game.
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  13. cbssports is wrong. By rule, "If a touchdown is scored during a down in which time in the fourth period expires, the try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game."
  14. I thought that was the case. Thanks!
  15. This makes me a feel a bit better. I lost some cash on +2.5 and thought it was [ #2020 ] icing on the [ #2020 ] cake of the loss
  16. That's exactly what the referee announced.
  17. think you are right wex in that sonny and doug just can't help themselves

    first quarter frogs run the ball 16 times, throw it 9 and if not for mistakes on their part should have scored at least once

    listening to jeremy's podcast he said one reason the frogs went away from the run is that the holes were closed down for the backs, but that just isn't true

    the offensive staff stopped feeding the backs. demarcado and barlow had 8 carries for 49 yards in the first quarter and darwin almost broke a long run on his second carry.

    downing threw it only nine times and had minimal carries, but what does the offensive staff do, but take the ball away from the backs, lord knows what barlow did to piss someone off as he got not more carries for the half, and instead the offense rested on downing and the offensive line passing blocking in the second quarter

    the frogs' backs only had 4 carries for 8 yards in the second quarter, downing for 5 of 12 throwing the ball, and of course we got the big turnover on the sack/ fumble

    third quarter we see max come in the game since the staff wanted to keep the load off him and they do a great job of feeding 2 backs with 4 carries for 20 yards while max who supposedly is being eased into the workload carries it 6 times on running plays

    this so much reminds me of 2016 where there are flashes, some big plays, and yards, but poor situational awareness, puzzling personnel decisions, and frustration
  18. That's the sign of coaches that don't like running the ball and have no commitment to it......it gets stuffed a couple times and they give up and quit trying. But the passing game never gets shut down no matter how ineffective.

    At no point in the game did I think the running game was ineffective, at least ineffective enough to stop using it.
  19. yea and the ref clearly explained that on the stadium PA.

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