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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. if coffee is all it takes you to feel better do you want sanka, folgers, or maxwell house?
  2. Geez, my heart goes out to you, Wes...What Moose said.
  3. It is true that certain chemos can cause tinnitus and other hearing related problems. I know the platinum based drugs have this side effect for some patients.

    Let’s hope it is temporary and will come back with a change in meds or other treatment option. I’m sorry. It must be really frustrating to deal with.
  4. It is frustrating but I am getting used to it. Watching TV is impossible, though. Its just rumbling and static
  5. Thanks buddy

    Its been an interesting year
  6. Wes, sure takes getting used to, but I've done it, with pretty severe hearing loss. Use the Closed Caption setting and you can follow along most stories pretty good. Beats nothing all to hell.
  7. I'll try that. Great suggestion!!
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  8. Closed captioning the way to go, hang in there Wes!
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  9. Agreed with Brog, it’s a godsend..my fiancé hates CC, but I swear by it
  10. I'll try it out tonight
  11. On the plus side Wes, you're prepared for any possible ESPN announcing crew...
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  12. That’s for sure
  13. There's some better news, correct?

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