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Another Startlegram put down of TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. JFK deposed the deep state NWO, had his own wealth and couldn’t be controlled. Same thing for Robert. We have a president today in that same unique position.
  2. Maybe if we had paid him off with a 6000 cal meal he would’ve written something nice.

    If you are ever around him, you’ll notice an aura of self importance that hovers over him.

    And don’t call him liberal. He’s a progressive, whatever in the hell that is
  3. The “if” game. So if JFK speaks at TCU, Oswald calls in sick at the depository and assassinates him at TCU, in Fort Worth, how would that have worked out for us?
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  5. That’s what liberals call themselves to sound superior.
  6. That was supposed to be in Wes’ post!?!
  7. Sadly, I have an old frat brother who slobbers over his knob on Facebook posts, desperate for ol’ Bud’s approval I guess; reading Bud’s posts shows he is sanctimoniously self righteous and honestly believes he is a bit smarter than the peasants that dare disagree with him..,
  8. I feel like we get this story every 11/22. Old story, a historcal what-if footnote more than anything else, like asking if Princip hadn't stopped for that sandwich....
  9. What's going on here?
  10. Pretty much hits the nail on the head
  11. LOL!!! You may be on to something here...
  12. Bud went to Texas, I believe, although he grew up in Fort Worth right behind Arlington Heights High School.

    My brief interaction with him was nice, but I choose not to read him or Mac.
  13. LOL at you triggered folks
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  14. When I recently cancelled my subscription to the Star Telegram Tabloid, I recommended they let Bud Kennedy report only on hamburgers, and Mac Engel only on hot dogs.
  15. They think he attended Baylor?
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  16. I’m just a hard conservative that has studied President Kennedy closely. Probably the most brilliant president - he would be a right winger by today’s standards.
  17. Mac can EABOHDs
  18. If that means scheissing idiot, then he is correct...
    BEAT next up!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
  19. This story never passed muster.
    First off, honorary degrees are awarded to commencement speakers at graduation. November 22 is not graduation day. TCU had no ceremony planned. I guess they were going to give it to him in the hallway.
    Plus there was a 1000 person lunch waiting a Market Hall. Don't think that was planned in a couple of hours.
    Stupid story...TCU killed Kennedy!
  20. Oh, and Oswald was just standing around with a rifle because that parade route was never supposed to happen?

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