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Another postponed game?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BedfordFrog68, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. I heard Baylor and Houston will not play this weekend....Corona, of course....
  2. Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground. It pays to have insiders on here with their finger on the pulse of CFB.
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  3. RonSwan, you're not very nice to your fellow poster, are you?
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  4. Source?
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  5. Rumour at the OUI Lounge.
  6. I thought this one came from Chipotle. From some dudes smoking outside while waiting for their takeout order.
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    .FWST today.....
  8. I grew up less than a block from Bluebonnet Circle but haven't been by there in years. Is the Oui still there?
  9. You got any pictures of Rumour? She sounds hot.
  10. Sounds like she looks a little grassy...
  11. Younger sister of that webcam girl who used to be at Buffalo Bros.
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  12. oh man TCU Chivette? Haven't heard that name in forever
  13. Houston vs UNT cancelled this weekend. That's Houston's 4th game in a row to be cancelled..... every single time as the result of their opponent not being able to compete. So lame.
  14. Gotta wonder how much of his is related to the tracing aspect. There are so many being put in protocol and they never get infected, but the games still get canceled.
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  15. North Texas said in a statement Wednesday that four positive COVID-19 tests this week, and subsequent contact tracing, left the Mean Green unable to field a team for the game. Both schools are looking to reschedule if possible.

    So four cases turned into not being able to compete. Insane
  16. Dana has a case of Red Bull that is about to go bad if he can't get a game soon.
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  17. Yes, especially in light of the fact that virtually everyone that was going to be involved in the game (yes, I'm including coaches too) has almost zero risk of any kind of bad outcome, regardless of whether they get the virus or not. And it seems to be lost on people that them not playing doesn't mean all the would-be participants are going to vanish from the planet. Everyone that would've been involved in that game is going to continue to be in public, living life if they aren't at that game. So what does not playing accomplish? Nothing, really.

    It's like those NFL coaches getting fined for not wearing a mask, when anyone with a brain knows they rip that mask off as soon as the game is over and they go to the locker room, not to mention I'd bet about anything the mask wearing during practice week is minimal at best.

    Virtue signaling to appease the media mobs, that's ALL it is.
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  18. Typhoid Dana over there.
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  19. And those four cases were among the entire athletic department, not football team

    People are literally losing their minds over this virus and its annoying.
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