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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I heard on jamies radio show today that he apparently is trying to practice with the team again? Hasnt left campus? Anyone know anything?
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  2. I’ve heard he’s still on campus but nothing beyond that. We could certainly use the depth.
  3. Trying to practice?
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  4. I’m picturing the kid sneaking into the gym and some student manager patrolling all the entrances trying to keep him out. It’s kinda funny.
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  5. Indeed. More than ever.

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  6. Good grief. We won’t have a team by the end of the season if this keeps up.
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  7. What is Dixon doing???
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  8. Good grief.
  9. This isn’t a very good trend...
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  10. Depends on how you look at it I guess. Kids in general these days like to hit the reset button when [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] isn’t going their way. Not sure how you stop that.
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  11. I’m taking this as Barlow is a stud in practice
  12. We have two available scholarships now?
  13. He’s gonna have to play now. We don’t have any more centers that I know of other than Samuel.
  14. We may need to let Angus back just so we can have an actual practice.
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  15. I’ll say it, he wasn’t cutting it. Got his walking papers is my guess.
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  16. I’d already pretty much written off Alok for 2019 because of the injury. Not sure this really impacts us a ton in the short term.
  17. Entirely possible to some degree.
  18. Alok really hasn’t been too good. Slow, not great defense can’t junp well. If it’s true that angus is back practicing great, also Barlow may have no choice now, anyone know what’s going on?
  19. Maybe Angus thought he had no chance with Yuat and Samuel. Now with Yuat leaving he figures that he will get playing time.

    Yuat puzzles me. The top Jr. College player last year, and I have not been overly impressed. Perhaps it was injuries or perhaps not.
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  20. He’s kinda stiff. Judo is nowhere near the competition here anyways. My guess is we are clearing dead weight for next season. But, we better get some croootin done. And at this point if angus comes back, we probably got a get Barlow in mix too.
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