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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Dixon is not an easy coach to play for, he demands a lot of his guys. But that's what it takes to be excellent. Millennial snowflakes cannot handle that sort of reality.
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  2. Not Millennial. Gen Z. Even worse.
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  3. Part of me thinks that promises were made to get these guys to sign and they believe those promises have not been fulfilled. Seems like a common thing when multiple newcomers transfer in the same season.
  4. I see signs that this group of kids might be an upgrade.
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  5. My next door neighbor has a PhD in some kind of adolescent physcology and told us some interesting things they are seeing in Gen Z. They are much more likely to grow up in small households which has resulted in them being “friends” with their parents as compared to having friends at school that they hang out with outside of class. This is resulting in a huge decrease in teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug use, and reckless driving. Also church attendance is way up. A typical Friday night is more likely to be hanging at home with the parents.

  6. Trending conservative as well. Obviously not everyone will view that as a positive but I do. Now we’re definitely sidetracked.
  7. so does anyone have any incite as what is meant by the phrase "trying to practice"?
  8. Gen Z is better than millenials and its not even close.
  9. I do not unfortunately. If you listen to the radio show coach did last night, somewhere in the middle, he mentioned One transfer in Archie and , angus, he said, “has been trying to practice with us.”
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  10. Agree, but the Boomers probably take the cake
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  11. My initial read was that Alok saw he was never going to be the starter ahead of Samuels, and so decided to go somewhere where he could be.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. First time I read this I thought you were referencing another transfer, Boomer White
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  14. thanks and understand that we rarely get the full details.

    prior to the announcement of his transfer there was the talk about angus struggling with a concussion(s?) and thought if that was indeed accurate it might tie into the comment he is "trying to practice with us"
  15. The vibe im getting is that he maybe filed paperwork but never wanted to leave team? Jamie said it was frustration on Anguses End with his injuries.
  16. Well I hope he is on the mend. We could use him.
  17. KU pulled a redshirt this season, we may have to so the same.

    Now, not doing it for Samuel last year was huge as we see great things this year....

    signed father of 2 young daughters
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  19. Being a single parent and raising my daughter by myself, I always hated the parents trying to be their children's "friend" or "best friend". Kids have enough friends. They need their parents to be parents and guide them, not be their hang out buddy. To me, this is why kids now have no social skills, or don't understand that there is real life conseguences when you do wrong, or there are people that are actually going to tell you "no".

    As for the parents that wanted to be their children's friend instead of parent, most of those girls that were my daughters friends got pregnant in high school.
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  20. Anyways, so alok quite frankly wasnt cutting it tbh. Dont know where hes gonna go but truthfully didnt look too good
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