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Am I The Only One To Know or The Last One To Know….


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You guys are hilarious- dozens of former head coaches have taken analyst and sometimes even coordinator positions at new schools in the last decade

Saban is the king of using their experience for the benefit of both
But somehow GP doing it doesn’t sit right with some of you? We fired him and he is a lot younger than many HCs still working
Not sure why anyone would surprised he is considering continuing staying involved
Only so many photo safaris in the world


As much money as he has made over the years it is a shame he didn't reach out to the FWISD to help one of their high schools. He could have really made a difference.
I like that idea so much more. Still, it is Gary’s choice however I doubt he will sell his beautiful home here overlooking campus.


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This. As I am carrying more and more gray hair, each moment of every day becomes more precious and I have little energy or inclination to carry grudges against anyone. Good luck GP and may you find whatever you're looking for...of course, I still want the Frogs to whip UT.
With GP's expertise, I'm fearful that his analysis will give UT an edge that will result in no more Frog wins against UT....