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  1. Login to your ticket account on Look under order history and you can find out what section your tickets are in.

    I'm in 228. Better than last time....
  2. I have about had it with TCU and crappy seats. Dear TCU, you can kiss my ass on buying thru you any longer for bowl games, signed PP #280
  3. I heard horror stories of the tickets people received two years ago through TCU. I know TCU needs to sell their allotment, but I decided to buy through third party.
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  4. I agree! I think that’s normal for most schools though. I’m going to the Cotton Bowl at Jerry World. I dug around on the internet and found Ohio State and USC selling upper level crappy seats for $165 to their season ticket holders. I paid $108 for lower level 10th row on StubHub. That was less then the face value. The Bowls must keep the best seats for themselves to sell to their people or something...

    I bought my Alamo Bowl tickets through TCU too... I’m sure better are cheaper on StubHub.
  5. I'm assuming you heard CDC apologize for the crappy allotment at the luncheon today.
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  6. It's a crapshoot for sure. I'm around 500 on the PP list and have been around there since before the Fiesta / Rose Bowl.

    • Had corner endzone club at Fiesta - not so great, but not terrible
    • Rose Bowl seats were great, about 20th row on about the 25 yard line
    • BWW at Sun Devil Stadium was on about the 20 yard line halfway up lower deck.
    • Peach were ok too, around 20 yard line in club
    • Last Alamo Bowl was in the corner endzone. This year in 130, which is the last section square with the field, looking straight ahead at the endzone.

    It completely depends what that specific bowl allocates to the school. Apparently Alamo allocates crap. Things to know as we'll certainly be there again sometime.
  7. I missed that. Did he say we would get priority points if we bought better seats? (not holding my breath)
  8. We bought through vivid seats. 85.00 a ticket. Lower level end zone (Tcu section) row 13. Thought it was a good deal.
  9. Where are your seats vs. your expectation?
  10. You get 2 points each time you buy any football bowl tickets through TCU. So really not worth it if you know the allocation for a particular bowl sucks.

    I spent $750 for six not good seats and will get 2 points for it. If I made a $750 donation, I would get 7.5 points to 22.5 points, depending how I designated the gift.

    That said, it is just part of supporting the program. Some bowls it works out just fine. Alamo, not so much.
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    Disappointed with mine as well. I’m not at 280 (520 something), but expected something other than at the goal line 7 rows above the field. $125 each. But I’m sure I won’t care after the tailgate.

    I sometimes wonder if buying multiple seats (6-10) together makes your seats less desirable.
  12. I expected Vivid to run a $69.69 special.
  13. You can get 50 yd line in the Stanford side on Stubhub for 120. If I go I'll probably sitting with a bunch of dirty libs and I'll be laughing at the suckers who bought through the school.
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  14. did not go--too busy
  15. section 130 and far as expectations go, I don't know, not the endzone
  16. Well if it means anything your fellow fans appreciate your donor level. Looks like the bowl just caters to local groups and gives the schools the scraps.
  17. Parking passes work the same way. Locals get the best spots and sell them at a premium. Made tailgating difficult 2 years ago. Hard for people to walk all the way down to area we could park. Plus it was a cold rain that day, despite the SA chamber of commerce saying otherwise. NOT IDEAL!
  18. Wasn't the worst one to miss.
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  19. GP missed it too
  20. You must not have stayed. He showed up around 12:45 and spoken until 1:15 or so.
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