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Aggy cancels game to possibly host


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Ask the kids on the team if they don’t want to play?

My bet the Aggies wanted to play that game.

Recruiting tool!

Coach Scloss & Company put little value in your individual stats because their desire to host comes first.


We have and might should do it again. “Weather concerns”


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And this is one of the dozens of reasons no one cares about college baseball and why it will never get mainstream appeal


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Well. Guess I have to apologize to Schloss now that we are playing the RPI game, too.
There needs to be MAJOR changes to the system in the off season. Better yet, how about the committee do their job and do a deep dive on teams and not just fall back on RPI.


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I think we can all agree CBB needs to change so that winning or just playing a game doesn’t automatically hurt you in the standings
I'm for that. But when everybody knows the system as it stands, why schedule that game in the first place? Just because it's a Tuesday and an opponent can travel by bus? Just leave the date open. Or schedule a conference-challenge set of games that provides a good opponent and serves as a bubble-buster for teams on the edge.