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ADJD Says "Probable" that only 50% or 25% for Football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, May 27, 2020.

  1. Well said. We would have won the NC in 2014.

    Also, if you take away the stupid number of injuries in 2015, we would have been in the playoffs that year also. Basically our injury luck in 2014 was totally reversed in 2015
  2. You could always offer one of your seats to The Donald... then you would probably not have to wear a mask and could breathe on each other for 4 hours. Oops sorry, he want's those around him to wear masks to protect him, but not him, to protect you!
  3. You’re certifiable.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Yep. Different holder should have been a give away.
  6. When you don't have a whiz-bang special teams coach on hand those things don't get noticed.
  7. Pretty sure wouldn’t need a whiz bang ST coach for that. Just a marginally attentive ST coach should notice personnel groupings.
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  8. Sadly we haven't had that either.
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  9. “Whiz Bang”? This is 2020 not 1920

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    I got an email this morning that the football renewal deadline will be extended till June 22 and the formal announcement will come later today. Interesting

    Edit. 12 noon. official email just sent. New deadline to renew June 22. Also appears that if you don’t renew you can still keep your seats for the next year and not lose them if you feel uncomfortable in renewing.

    TCU email language

    “Regardless if you renew or not by June 22, you will be given the opportunity to renew your same tickets and parking for the 2021 season.”
  11. "Because you have already renewed for 2020, you are automatically being included in these potential limited capacity plans to be finalized in July."
  12. So if people who don't renew don't lose their seats for next season....no upgrading this year? I guess that makes sense given that we are looking at reduced capacity.
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  13. No upgrades this year.
  14. Well, that sucks. The main reason I renewed this year is because they told us there would be an upgrade process. I should’ve waited until the last minute.
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  15. Email just went out to those that already renewed...

    "Thank you for previously renewing your 2020 TCU Football season tickets and/or parking. Your continued support is appreciated, even more so today!

    As you may have already heard or seen, due to the current state and local health and safety guidelines, we are anticipating a reduced capacity at Amon G. Carter Stadium for the 2020 football season. Our team is modeling scenarios and preparing for a number of different capacity limits. Our goal remains to safely accommodate as many Horned Frogs fans as possible for each of our 6 home games.

    Because you have already renewed for 2020, you are automatically being included in these potential limited capacity plans to be finalized in July.

    Regardless of your seating situation for the 2020 season, you will be given the option to renew the same tickets and parking (with the opportunity to potentially upgrade) for the 2021 season."
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  17. [​IMG] I’m
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  18. Only comment made about those who have already renewed is that they are automatically being included in the seat allocation process, whatever that means. Also no specific comment regarding backing out of renewal, so may be stuck with what we get, with an appropriate refund.
  19. I’m pretty disappointed in the way TCU is handling this.

    They could have done this in a much more effective way with a similar end result.

    They should have let everyone have the option to renew, do a one year pass, or simply drop their tickets permanently.

    If you chose to renew or selected to opt out for one season, they still should have allowed those people to participate in the “upgrade” process.

    Upgrading doesn’t always mean “upgrading” to better seats. Some times people do it with the intention of consolidating tickets, even if that means a worse location.

    What if I wanted to still renew my tickets this year, but I renewed assuming I was going to be able to “upgrade” to a cheaper seat location? Or maybe I renewed my parking with the expectation I was going to be able to move to a cheaper spot this year?

    Waiting until the last second to do this is so frustrating. Glad I haven’t renewed yet. I’m sure there were a lot people that would not have renewed if they knew upgrades would not be allowed and may have chosen to opt out of this season instead. Are those people going to be given the option to back out of their renewal and get their money back? Or is it too little too late for them?
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  20. Point being. TCU could have executed the same plan and still allowed upgrades. They would have just had to let the people opting out for this year participate too.

    A lot of people already renewed by now. To take away people’s ability to upgrade after the fact is pretty [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty by TCU. Especially if they don’t allow those people to retroactively Reverse their renewal.
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