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ADJD Says "Probable" that only 50% or 25% for Football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, May 27, 2020.

  1. I am laughing and you are laughing but it really does. When you think abt social distancing, seating, contact-less ticket/parking reading, sealed concessions, elevator/escalator limits, possible entry times per ticket (eg sections X-X have to enter the stadium 1hr before kickoff, sections Y-Y 1.5hr before kickoff), no buffets in the lounges...the list goes on. This will be odd and some people will bear the blunt more than others.

    The good news is (as of my conversation on Monday): We will be playing Cal, or Bama @ Cowboys. That is a certainty. Whether there are fans...that's one of the questions TBD.
  2. as i mentioned in another thread, i was talking yesterday with the person at church in charge of creating policies and implementing changes to allow people to attend services and there was a serious discussion of all or nothing

    sadly, the driver for the limitations for trying to control the church's potential liability if someone was found to contract the virus by attending a service which is a truly sad thought

    same with attending a football game, but i understand we live in a world now where someone needs to be responsible
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  3. How will they decide who gets to come?
  4. What’s the point in calling the ticket office? You think that they’d just tell you the plan and still wait to officially release it to everyone else?
  5. Possibly, but I think the demand will be dinged because it just won't be as fun to attend a game. For every one person of the 50% that doesn't/can't go, I don't think there will automatically be someone next in line.

    Hell, I never miss games, but if's its 50% and there a bunch of stupid rules regarding tailgating and stuff, I won't bother going.
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  6. Liability is a HUGE factor. Be prepared to see signs EVERYWHERE (not just at TCU) saying enter/participate at your own risk. The "You may very well die by using our product." sign.
  7. I'm sure there's a way to do it. Probably some form of lottery (or, less realistically, a buyback).
  8. ...or $. Again, that seems to be TBD (as of Monday).
  9. I would imagine ambulance chasers will be circling like vultures.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Likely the droplets would just hit the back of my head though, right?

    If “What if’s” was a sport in the Olympics, the US would win the Gold every time.
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  12. Nobody thinks they will be the one to die.
  13. Which brings up the timeless theory that remains true -- lawyers are the devil
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  14. I hope its not this dumb. I buy 2 east side tickets a year which I split with a buddy who's just bought under my account since we graduated (big spenders I know). I can't imagine a scenario where they allow us 1/2 our normal seats (1 ticket?) for every game. Love the frogs but i'm not going to sit at a game alone.
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  15. I'd rather die because I went to a TCU football game than because I went to work at the office.

    Does that make me a diehard fan?
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  16. This will be interesting how they decipher prioritizing seating.

    What if they do priority points and the higher you are the better home game you get, wow

    what if you plan to go and then you end up not being able too, is there a portal that auto-invites the next ticket holder?

    What about the allotment for the students?

    does the water girl count as one of the 23,000?
  17. And this is why I'm thinking we're looking at a bit of a trial balloon.
  18. Do you have to wear your mask appropriately or would around the neck or on top of the head work just as well for admission?
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