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A view from the TCU Club Seats.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. First there was no "Club" and the angle stunk.

    TCU side bleachers looked to be better seats.

    We did have a great view of the overtime interception. Had no idea what happened to cause the penalty. We thought a TCU player had come onto the field to watch what we all thought was the game ending play.

    Chase Field was not a bad venue at all. I parked across the street for $20 at a church lot. Three hundred yard walk to the stadium.

    Ushers, bowl folks, Maricopa sheriffs office, all were great.

    We did not see the first field goal drama.

    Phoenix gonna get hit with a cold snap which is dominating the local news.

    Really a strange game that kinda fit the trip.

    Go Frogs!!!

    Cheezit Bowl Champs!
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  2. This is turning into a bit.
  3. In before yacht posts.
  4. This! Caviar was terrible as well.
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  5. Sooooooo,





    Stayed home?
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  6. You only had club? I rented out a few boxes
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  7. Pics or didn’t happen
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  8. Sorry to hear that. I too had a struggle during this game as the stream didn’t come in at the vacation house so I had to go outside and finally got the radio broadcast to stream on the plane. Wasn’t ideal but I managed and was so relieved when I heard that FG went through!

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  9. Misleading thread title. #expectedpictures
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  10. Are those propellers? LMAO.

  11. You see a lot of floatjets, do you?
  12. Here’s a pic of mine.

  13. :)
    I actually had to work some yesterday so I could not make the trip out. If I was off, I would have went and flown back red eye or early morning. AND would have crashed your tee time! But I would have bought the drinks, to be fair.
  14. by the way, how was the round of golf?
  15. A Soviet Beriev A-40? Did you get the optional in-seat Sony Walkman system and the free “Who Shot JR” t-shirt with your purchase?
  16. Captioning this reading with lousy Russian accent: I was too busy boinking her, influencing US elections and playing with my mini-giraffe to attend.
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