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5 years ago today....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Right behind Utah as my favorite ACS memory. Pretty amazing how much noise there still was in that stadium for that play.
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  2. [Baylor asshoe]
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  3. Most fun I’ve had while being absolutely miserable. The win made it all worth it.

    Edit: Briles’ confused face at the end also made it all worth it. scheiss that guy.
  4. I was completely numb when we jumped onto the field after winning, couldn’t feel my feet at all when I hit the ground. Yelled some things I shouldn’t have at Baylor people. Awesome game
  5. I shot a Mineral Wells high school playoff game that afternoon in spitting sleet in Abilene and hustled back to Fort Worth with my sports editor Clint Foster (the TCU fan video guy) and we slid in just in time for the start of the game thanks to a lightning delay. Was cold and wet all day but what a great day.
  6. They deserved whatever you yelled at them.
  7. Game would’ve meant half as much time without Art Briles standing slackjawed at the end there
  8. I was there for that game. The most interesting thing was Briles acting bewildered that they didn’t get the first down.
  9. I was so cold and so happy. It was one of the few games my wife was able to attend with me. She was miserable and hated it, but stuck through it with me. At the end we were both numb and cold, and I was shouting horrible things at bailure fans that were mouthing horrible things all night, right behind us. Ended the night well, if I remember correctly. It's the best way to warm up, if you ask me ;-).

  10. Took me weeks to get this damn song out of my head.
  11. Took my adult sons to the game, ill-prepared for the cold but particularly the rain. Our rain gear failed us and we were soaked. My oldest teeth were chattering. Warmed up at Buffalo Bros however.
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  12. Gahhh such sweet memories.

    SO much talent too. The current roster, if it is supposedly the most talented ever, has some big strides still to make.
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  13. Easily one of my fondest memory of TCU sports. Just getting dressed for that game is closest I've come to preparing for battle. My supposedly water proof gloves gave up mid way through the 3rd quarter and I realized walking back to the car that my supposed rain suit had allowed some intrusions which just got colder and colder on the way home. Great sports memory and my greatest ever memory of a hot shower when I got home.
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  14. First and possibly the last time I’ve rushed the field after a win. Awesome win!
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    We were sitting in the south endzone and as soon as we got the stop on 4th down, I was gone. I busted my ass so hard jumping over the railing. I lost my grip because of the damn rain and landed flat on my back lol. Did a flip and was back on my feet in the middle of the madness before I could even think about what happened. Woke up the next morning and could barely walk lmao.

    I'd do it all over again. The atmosphere for those type of games are awesome. Lucky enough to rush field for Utah(2009), ou(2014) and ut last year.
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  16. I was in the press box for that game thanking the Good Lord that I wasn't doing sideline video. I drove Scott to that game and he was sitting on the East Side the entire time. When Wes and I met him back at the car in the garage after the game he was soaked, dripping large puddles, looked like he had just been dragged under a bus, but had the biggest smile I'd ever seen on his face.
  17. Tailgated pre game. On the field post game.
  18. Aaaaaaaahahahahahaha..... my youngest daughter and I were probably 10 feet behind you. I suppose you weren't the only one who this happened to that night but I'm pretty confident I witnessed this. We laughed at you. :)
  19. Scott would pass away not long after this. The five-year mark of his passing is coming in a couple of weeks.
  20. We watched the no huddle cut last night. Awesome. The tv did not do justice as to how awful the conditions were.
    I remember gassing up in Ardmore OK before picking up Leap Frog and my Mom, both in their 80s, feeling the cold as it rained, and thinking this might be a big mistake. Man we were all glad we were there in the end!
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