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.38 Special Ammo

Discussion in 'Slinging Sammy's Yard Sale' started by Prince of Purpoole, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. Could someone please sell me a box or two of .38 Special ammo? I’d prefer hollow point but ball will do. I’m about to give the Princess a new handgun and I’ll be damned if I can find any ammunition
  2. Understand about giving a handgun to that special someone in your life and teaching them how to use it safely, but at the same time it's important to realize that the person who she is most likely to shoot with that handgun is you.
  3. Tbh the vast majority of men shot by women deserved it.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. A buddy recommended this site which aggregates vendors. I just placed and order so we’ll see how it goes

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    Tough to find lately. If you do get your hands on some, you should definitely hold on, loosely.
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  7. Update: Ammo was in stock and it took maybe ten days to arrive
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