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:36 Left in 4th, 3 Timeouts -- Turtle Gary Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Nov 9, 2019 at 3:25 PM.

  1. There's a 100% chance that Gary made the decision to pack it in and not give our O a chance to get in FG range, with :36 left in the game and 3 timeouts. What kind of message does that send to the team?

    And then his D can't stop Steel's dead Grandma when it counts.

    Terrible decision making.
  2. Was a horrible decision, as usual. Not sure why he won't nut up in those situations.
    I just don't see him getting us to a championship. He refuses to change. Not taking the penalty yards in the 4th. Unreal. His whole attitude is "I'll show them my way is the best", and then we always lose games like this. Yep, he showed everybody, alright.
    Same with 2014. Sure, Cumbie screwed the germandoodle again, but Patterson totally Pattersoned.
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  3. If he doesn't have confidence in the offense at that point in a game like this, then he really needs to make some changes to that side of the ball. MAJOR changes.
  4. If our offensive had a pulse he might have done it differently. It does not, so he played it safe..
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  5. will be on his tombstone. Wanted to win by one so played it safe
  6. The AD better handle this how does he even have this gig?
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  7. Wanted to win by one, so we lost.
  8. Surprised he didn’t punt out of habit.
  9. Play it safe. Always plays it safe. Never a fake punt. Don’t let the offense beat him. Now we can just wait for the defense to beat us instead. I was hoping to kick a field goal in overtime so we would lose by 3 instead of 6. Knew this coordinator would not come up with a winning play.
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  10. What’s worse is he could have called his time outs and had over a minute to get a FG.

    Letting the offense win is not an option. Truly hope he’s phoning it in the fire Cumbie...otherwise, he’s the problem.
  11. He won’t do [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
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  12. Very poor decision to not try and win it in regulation. Even if you throw three 5o yard passes and get one picked off they’re out of FG range with no timeouts. That was a lame way to end the game in regulation.
  13. I’ve known the 10-12 guys in thread. Same bunch that sit in the stands behind the coaches wives hurling insults and your infinite football wisdom so the girls are sure to hear. After the game all you can do is kiss the coach’s ass if given the chance. Bunch of puszsies.
  14. ADJD sleeping with your wife or something?
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  15. What’s worse is that he ran the ball on first down knowing full well he wasn’t gonna try to score. What would possess you to do that? The negative possibilities of that massively outweigh any possible positives.
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    Against Texas before half time. Drive ends in a FG.

    1st & 10 at TCU 6 1:00

    I don't get it.
  17. He said in the presser its not smart football to throw the ball in that situation. Exactly what we did against Texas. Total contradiction.
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  18. I thought that was complete nonsense!

    at least try!
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  19. All that said, according to those of the First Assembly of the Head in Sand, we are all wrong to ever question him.
    In fact, we should all be sent to reprogramming for not ending out statements with the mandated praise.

    Hail G, time's a waste. All timeouts stay with thee ...
  20. I think GP made the right call. The possibility of Duggan throwing an interception and Cumbie calling a crappy play were too high.

    He kept Duggan's confidence up, and thought we'd win it in overtime. He saw his team playing hard and had plenty of spark left to win. Then the OC sucked the life out of the team, with his crappy play calling.

    The only thing I hold against GP is he hasn't fired the problem.
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