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247 Sports: TCU lands commitment from SFA transfer DL Caleb Fox


if you go back and watch fox's tape from his time at THE woodlands, he reminds me a bit of another squat bodied frog interior defensive lineman, chuckie hunter

maybe it is the bourbon talking, maybe spring exuberance, wild eyed optimism, but i would be very, very happy if caleb fox could bring a bit of chuckie hunter to the frogs interior defensive line.

they have missed that toughness inside in my uneducated opinion


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He obviously went to the FCS level out of HS because he didn’t show the prerequisite physical traits (aka size, strength, and speed) to get an FBS offer. He wasn’t overlooked as he played at one of the bigger HS in TX. Having said that plenty of trench kids are late bloomers and grow/develop post HS. In fact it happens significantly more often in OL/DL than skill players. Let’s hope this is one of those kids.

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Just a little update on TCU's recent portal activities. Caleb Fox, the last Frog portal acquisition, has now been rated by the Rivals 247 folks and they have given him a pretty danged decent .8700 rating! You'll recall that some questioned the value (wisdom?) of going after an unrated FCS transfer, so it has worked out well (so far) for the new football staff!

So much so, that with the recent addition of Fox and his not-too-shabby rating, that has moved the Frogs back up into the Top 10 (now back at #9) of the Rivals 247 Portal Transfer National Ranking! TCU is quietly, without much media notice, having a very good year, recruiting wise! :cool:
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