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247 Sports: Montae Reagor discusses son Jalen's decision to leave TCU early

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Montae Reagor discusses son Jalen's decision to leave TCU early

    By Jeremy Clark

    On Monday, TCU junior receiver Jalen Reagor announced that he was foregoing his final year of eligibility and declaring for the NFL Draft.

    Reagor leaves TCU as one of the most productive receivers to ever put on a Frogs’ uniform, finishing his career with 148 catches for 2,248 yards and 22 scores. His receptions put him at 7th all-time among TCU receivers while his yardage total ranks fourth in school history. His touchdown reception mark is tied for second best in TCU history.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...discusses-Jalen-decision-leave-TCU-139666088/
  2. He couldn't chance another season like this one.
  3. Good luck. I'll be stunned if he goes anywhere above 3rd round.
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  4. “He (Jalen) has been coached by one of the best in the country in Coach Patterson”

    Monte Reagor
  5. Maybe 3rd round?
    Considering he is a slot and had quite a few drops in traffic, probably right to worry about the down production. He would have had a monster season if Meach was still here coaching them inside.
  6. His frustration with Cumbie seems warranted. But at the same time, it is up to him to get separation once on the field, as well as finish routes.
  7. If he doesn't clean up the mind-boggling drops, he'll be a return guy only, and I'd question how many teams will be willing to burn a roster spot for that on a long-term basis, when there are so many DBs and WRs who can do it. His speed will get him a shot, but that's not enough to earn a job.
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  8. At least he took the high(ish) road. He used "we" a lot in that article. This article is supposedly about Jalen, not that he has a single mom that he needs or wants to support. Oh well, good luck to him and his family. He has talent, but I'll be surprised if he turns out to have the kind of legacy that Tomlinson, Dalton, or Cannon has had (to name a few recent-ish Frogs). Even middling NFL players make way more than the average fan can ever hope for (unless your name is Hambrick).
  9. I doubt he got much actual coaching from GP. If he had played defense, hell yeah.
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  10. Kiper and most other "draft experts" have had Reagor ranked withing the top 10 receivers. I would not surprise me for them to make Reagor disappear from their lists now that he has declared. Hopefully he will go to the combine and put up "wow" numbers.
  11. Would undoubtedly be his best shot at being drafted above 3-5. Now that Gruden seems like he's got complete charge of the Raiders, I don't see them being that team that can't resist reaching on a fast guy who may can't football, but seems like there's always that one team or GM out there(lookin' at you, Jerrah) who panics and overspends on wishful thinking.

    I don't pay enough attention to know, but is there any receiver this year who is likely to run a faster 40 than JR?
  12. Ruggs out of Alabama.
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  13. So then they've got what, 2 WRs likely to be picked early?
  14. Three.

    Jeudy, Ruggs, and DeVonta Smith.
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  16. I expect him to have a good NFL career. Thanks to him for his service and best of luck.
  17. Best of luck Jalen! Give it your best shot at the next level....as one usually only gets one of them.
  18. Agreed. I think it’s equal parts Sonny’s scheme and JR’s route running. It’s one thing to have the afterburners (which he clearly has) to get separation on deep routes, and another thing to find ways to get separation in traffic.

    Just my observation. I have no clue on how to coach or play WR. They could clock me on a route with a sundial.
  19. If he does in the NFL what he did at TCU this season, he won't even be an NFL Crabtree. I hate to say that because I appreciate what he did at TCU and I've always been a fan of his dad (until he started tweeting). If he doesn't finish his routes and block downfield, he won't last. I hope his work ethic makes an uptick when the money counts on it. That, or he catches everything in his vicinity.

    Sorry, but it's not Cumbie's fault. GP dictated what kind of offense needed to be run. I've had a long running love affair with GP, but this season has seriously soured that relationship. If Cumbie was allowed to run the offense that he was brought in to run and GP wasn't so damn worried about defensive stats, TCU might've outscored a lot of teams over the past few seasons.
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  20. here is the chicken and egg part of the issues with the offensive problems

    gary as the head coach is ultimately responsible for results of all phases of his program and i do believe he has expressed certain preferences to sonny about parts of the offense be it run/pass ratio or use of tempo

    sonny as oc even if he is running an offense that wouldn't be his first choice is responsible for making the most of the players on the offensive side of the ball and in the case of jalen that means moving him around, using motion, bunches etc.. .to free him from being jammed at the line. if you look at link i included above in one of the draft reviews about reagor it mentions he predominantly works only one side of the formation

    excerpts from two different write-ups and not the thoughts of posters on this board:

    "Due to the offensive scheme, he was asked to play on the right side of formations only. While having the game that projects well to it, his consistent value in the slot remains a mystery because of his duties in TCU’s scheme."

    "In the games I watched, Reagor exclusively lined up on the right side of the formation."

    anderson, burns, and kelly were the receiver coaches during jalen's time at tcu and i don't think it was an accident jalen only mentioned kelly in his comments. yes, some players don't want to learn, some players don't want to practice at a game pace, and there are a variety of other reasons, but in the end it is your jobs to develop the talent and we have seen a continued pattern of poor routes and iffy hands with other receivers in other seasons.

    finally in the end jalen has to be responsible for the work he puts in and the question becomes how much time did he put in running routes, working on his hands.

    whether the issue started at the top of this chain or bottom i think all areas in some area of their responsibilities didn't get the job done with reagor
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