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2023 Recruiting Thread

Nick Danger

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Really curious on the details of our plan of action
I'm just wondering if both of those were "spontaneous", unsolicited comments, or did the interviewer specifically ask them what they thought about the TCU NIL presentation. With both of those comments, and with the new transfer's (Smith) tweet obliquely implying that the new TCU NIL program is rather "robust" ;) shall we say, and seemingly coming out of nowhere, are we justified in becoming enthused about it?


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I’m just pointing out the bloody obvious but I like that better than “unimpressed with the NIL presentation”
I'd actually prefer it to just be totally honest. "The girls are super hot and it seems like I can get paid loads of cash if I come here."

Or "I really love everything about the coaches and the program but Oklahoma offered twice as much money during my visit there so that's where I'll probably go."

Toad Jones

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Hard to wrap my head around this "BUSINESS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL.."

So...how long before its called semi-paid college ball.

Welcome to Ft. Worth, home of TCU semi-paid sports.

Wonder what the NIL budget is at LSU-Alabama-Clemson-Georgia then Vanderbilt?