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2023 Football Regular Season Predictions

82 Frog Fever

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Is this true?

No, it’s unknown. These writers have very little knowledge of teams from year to year, especially with the transfer portal.
All I hear about TCU is how they lost all their production talent and will take a large step back, but when I look at the roster, TCU may have better overall talent now.
It’s just a matter gelling.
By the time CFP rankings are released SOS will look much different.


8-4. Frogs will don their cockroach attire to ruin the Horn's perfect season. Missing out on Championship game by a missed field goal.


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I'm only surprised that ESPN gives anyone else ANY chance.

Toad Jones

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Colorado - W 34-14
Nicholls - W 65-7
@ Houston - W 41-31
SMU - W 48-44
West Virginia - W 31-17
@ Iowa State - W 24-21
BYU - W 28-27
@ Kansas State - L 21-38
@ Texas Tech - L 34-35
Texas - L 41-35
Baylor - W 62-35
@ Oklahoma L 48-31


Pop Tarts Bowl vs. Notre Dame
TCU WILL win one of those losses, you're predicting


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everyone on the outside looks at tcu and thinks: well, he did that. damn! but it was with gary's guys. and well, at cal he failed. i'm curious to see if that was randomness favoring sonny? or maybe he's really that good.