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2023 Football Regular Season Predictions


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Another end to the baseball season and it’s time to turn our attention to football.

I don’t know about you but last season seemed like an absolute dream. An unbelievable crazy, insane, season of our lifetimes. Who knows if such a thing can ever be recreated. No doubt more of you will predict a perfect season this year compared to last!

If you've been around here for a while, you know how this works, but it is always amazing how many people can screw this up- although last year wasn’t so bad. This is a REGULAR SEASON prediction, so your numbers should add to TWELVE. 6-6 works, as does 12-0, or 0-12.

As usual, a spreadsheet will be created.
You will be labeled either a homer or a troll by your fellow posters.
Winners get the glory of demonstrating their superior prognostication.
I reserve the right to price-is-right you all and underbid if there is too much silliness.

Edits coming with past performances…


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Light schedule for first 7 games and I think we win all 7.

Next 5 I think we hold serve at home. We will lose 2 of 3 against K State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma



Was I supposed to type something here?
9-3 with one disappointing loss that comes out of nowhere, and key injuries that scuttle the Season.

Hello, Alamo Bowl!

Double D

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UTurd fans are chirping that they will win 9.5 games based on some CBS Sports prediction. I'll laugh when they end up at the Taco Cabana Bowl (Alamo Bowl) again.