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2022 College World Series Thread


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What snacks should be served for the Elimination Match? Drinks?

I hear prunes do the trick…
That called third strike to end the Horns’ half of the 6th was most likely a dagger to the heart for the Orangebloods.

I don’t bear any ill will toward Schloss, but I sure wish he was enjoying success somewhere other than Aggieville.

Go Frogs!

Yeah that was a bad call and finished off UT.

I was pulling for the horns just bc there's nothing greater in college sports than an Aggie meltdown, especially at the hands of UT.

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And just like that…Auburn runs out of an inning with a 1st and 3rd pickle play and the stranded batter rips an oppo single on the first pitch of the next inning. Clockwork