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2021 Season Ticket Upgrade Data

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ticketfrog123, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Everybody seems to be headed in that direction. The Rangers website won't let you leave a single ticket left in a row and I've had a couple of different events on ticket master do the same.
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  2. I understand not wanting to leave singles but if the software can be programmed to recognize the corresponding purchase of a single....who knows?
  3. I think it's stupid though. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to buy some Rangers tickets in a specific section. I only needed two tickets but it wouldn't let me buy those 2 tickets because it would have left a single seat. So it was either buy all 3 tickets or find a different section to sit in. I think that's [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].
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  4. there has been a random single between my 4 seats the last two years. No one ever sat there. Luckily it was available today. Now I have 4 seats on the aisle.
  5. My time was Wednesday around 1:30, I took 2 singles in 104 and 105. Dropped 2 tickets in my regular 101 group were singles. At least now I can get my wife and sons into the club on miserably hot days.
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  6. Sounds like a great idea for the family. However, I do want to remind everyone that tickets in sections 103-106 does not automatically provide access to any club areas. You must have tickets in the Champions Club, Legends Club or SEZ Club sections for access into those corresponding clubs.

    One suggestion is to speak with the Frog Club to discuss price and availability for the Touchdown Club. This club, located in the SE corner of the stadium, is available for any TD Club donor, regardless of seat location. TD Club memberships are limited, so please contact them soon. This is a great option to get out of the weather for a few minutes or enjoy for pre or post game.

    Thank you for your support!

    Go Frogs!
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  7. @atofrog If I do not see anything I like to upgrade, I just do nothing and it will automatically keep my old seats, right?
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  8. Yes
  9. Thanks. The two blocks of seats I had my eye on were gone.
  10. Hate that feeling. In past year's I've had my eye on seats only to watch them get picked minutes before my time started.

    Not trying to rub it in, but I took advantage of the priority point donation bonus last year during covid. Very, very happy with my new seats.
  11. Seats in 101 and 108 being scooped up today - those have to be for resale purposes (nobody would sit in those that’s picking this week)

    east side armchairs still have ~20 left
  12. I admit I don’t keep up with this stuff like you do so guess I missed the donation bonus. What was that?
  13. Last year to help incentivize giving in the midst of covid, they did what was called the "Purple and White Fund" and any donations made were worth double the priority points (6 points for every $100 vs the normal 3 points).
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  14. There’s way too many seats available on the west 400 and upper east deck

    no way we average above 40,000 fans for most conference home games

    Wonder if this will crater the resale market in a year or two
  15. huh, so who could possibly be shorting tcu season tickets similar to game stop?
  16. Baylor and SMU fans?
  17. How many points did the people who picked today have?
  18. I think I had around 2004. In section 109 looking to move to 107-108. Only singles and a few with 2-3 seats left in 108 by the time I picked at 1:46 PM. Needed four so I didn’t move. I did move to a new spot in Lot 4 on row 1 that has a little bit of grass behind it. At least my tailgate spot just improved. Been trying to get there since the reseating. There were three spots available on that row when picking started earlier in the week. Got down to that one yesterday. Was totally surprised it was still available. Checked on it 100 times today at least to see if it was still there and watched the timer go to zero expecting it to turn purple before I was eligible to pick. Small win.
  19. Glad you got your parking spot. I got a spot in lot 4 this year too. Same row as you backing up to the grass. I think it's the 2nd or 3rd spot from the entrance. Only concern that I didn't think about in advance is how close we will be to the porta-potties.
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  20. Close enough to hear a deuce splash.

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