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2020 TCU Offensive Coordinator Nominee: Jeff Lebby UCF

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. OU grad, passing game coordinator at Baylor during Briles Era, has #5 passing offense in America currently at UCF, can more than recruit this area with a good history of quarterback tutelage on his resume. UCF currently has 22 TDs passing 5 interceptions for this season. If the Air Raid doesn't work for TCU post Doug Meacham's departure, my vote is a hybrid OU / Briles Era offense for our Frogs paired with Gary's D going forward. That sells tickets and puts butts in Amon Carter seats.

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  2. He looks good on paper but passing game Coord for Briles doesn’t do much. Briles offense and he’s the play caller.

    Similar at UCF because of Heupel..Its just really hard to tell what he’s brought to the equation in either of those situations. At this point the absolute worst thing we could do is hire a guy without definitive play calling and scheme design skins on the wall. Cumbie had neither of this things
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  3. the worst thing frogs can do is hire someone who runs a system that doesn't mesh with what gary wants to run offensively.

    gary after 2016 made it quite clear and it has been re-unforced multiple times. the oc at wisconsin is a better fit than the guy at ucf.
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  4. Haha yes let's get the guys whose wife was a disaster on Twitter during the baylor meltdown. Exactly what Gary is looking for.
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  5. I forgot about the wife. My bad. Is this guy's wife Briles daughter? Is that correct?
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  6. Hard, hard pass.
  7. Briles son in law? Hell, the darn, no.
  8. Yep and he's also the dude that got caught cheating on recruiting trips a couple of times. Thought this was a bit.
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  9. Hey hey hey hey...

    Smoke crack every day.
  10. You can make a pretty good case for and against literally every OC in football today. Hiring a coordinator is a no win situation with most fan bases. Can’t wait to see how GP handles this situation
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  11. FIFY
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  12. You'll be safer picking a name at random out of the phone book...
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  13. Thanks for starting this.

    I don't have the inclination or acumen to do this but very interested in hearing about alternatives we have after Cumbie is fired.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. "Those aren't defective cans, there's a defective person up there!"
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  16. "Hard" re: Briles's daughter? Ew.
  17. What are the thoughts on Derek Dooley? Failed as HC at Tenn but spent a few years in the NFL and now he’s in his second year as the OC for Missouri...They are playing damn good offense and he’s doing it with a different QB then last year..He’s also a guy that’s been around a lot of HCs including Saban so he knows strong personalities
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  18. How about instead of worrying about schemes, we just get a WR coach that can fix the drops. That would cure 50% of the passing game problems.
  19. Hell to the NO!

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