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2020 Dalton Watch

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Sure seemed more like Christmas than Thanksgiving the way Dallas was giving the ball to Washington.
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  2. As bad as he's been, Jerry's dumbass has already said that McCarthy will be back next year.
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  3. Serious question: if you owned a nfl team, would you hire a sloppy-fat out-of-work coach whose most recent claim to fame is getting into and losing a p issing match with his qb who is probably the greatest statistical qb in history?
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  4. Andy signed himself up for a clown show. Unbelievable coaching decisions.
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  5. No. Especially not after seeing how good Green Bay has been without him.
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  6. That depends. Would my tenure as owner be replete with piss poor managerial decisions and an overarching organizational principle of “I get to coach from the owner’s box” such that that no real coach would even take my phone call for fear of joining what is now a 25 year long parade of asshats? Yeah, then I’d probably take what I could get.
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  7. True. Only dumasses need apply.
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  8. Thinking AD has a real shot to start next year if he wants to stay on another team that has no offensive line and receivers that can’t catch. This team around him looks as pathetic as the teams he had in Cinci! In addition- an elite all star $bizillionaire holdout RB that coughs the ball up every game.
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  9. That bum has lost 5 fumbles this year. He had lost 5 in his first four years combined.
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  10. 6 fumbles this season - it’s all in his elite head.
  11. Tuesday night football.
  12. Would a cross-eyed quarterback be harder to see where he is going with the ball?
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  13. My 4th grade teacher was wall eyed and had one blue eye and one brown eye. You couldn't get away with anything. Never knew where she was looking.
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  14. So disappointing. Dalton played well. That Hail Mary pass was incredible. Lamb let it go right through his hands. Just a crappy team. If Dalton can land on a team with a halfway decent o-line he will do very well.
  15. Dalton has played way better than expected. He has given his team every chance to win the ballgames he has played in. It's not his fault the defense sucks. I'm so sick and tired of the announcers saying (Boy they need to get Dak back). Dak wouldn't have made any difference in any of those losses. He don't play defense. I hate espn and the NFL network.
  16. Andy with a td pass against the Bengals. Dallas up 17-0. All 17 points off of Bengals fumbles.
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  17. I'll bet Andy is smiling.
    Lol, Bungles
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  18. Andy looks very happy. So does Jordan. I was hoping he would be victorious. Sounded like the crowd gave him a nice welcome at the beginning of the game, which is nice.
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  19. Andy just threw another td pass - yay! He then shot Jordan the "I love you" sign. The dummy announcer said, Hook em horns? The other announcer corrected him and said, "I don't think a TCU guy would do Hook em horns."
    Thank you. :)

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