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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. greatness before we had true world wide coverage of sporting events.

    watched the 1978 final between the netherlands and argetina on youtube and he was greatness
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  2. Very interesting. 19 year old who replaced Cannon. Fort Worth native FWIW.
  3. Very interesting, indeed. Paxton Pomykal is another FCD kid I'd like to see move to Europe. Matt Hedges is an FCD defender I'm surprised never made the jump. That academy is very strong; maybe the best development tool U.S. soccer has ever had.
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  4. Richards starting at LB for Bayern today against Jesse Marsch and RB Salzburg, FYI
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  5. Begs the conversation: Richards can grab a UCL start for the biggest club in the world, but can’t manage a cap for the MNT under Berhalter. Smh (granted, Bayern are FC Infirmary currently)
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  6. just because he can play for bayern doesn't mean he is a jeff agoos level defender for the us
  7. Stay hard, Maradona. And give God his hand back.
  8. Watching the Salzburg game now. Neuer is the reason they won. Salzburg could have easily been up 3-1 at half. They had a lot of great chances in the 2md half too. In the 78th minute they'd had 15 chances to 8 for Bayern and a 9-3 advantage in shots on target. Everything on frame for Bayern went in; not so for Salzburg.

    I'm coming around on @Moose Stuff suggestion of Marsch as the replacement for Berhalter. He had his squad ready to play yesterday.
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  9. Milan vs Lille in the Europa League on TUDN now for anyone waiting around for food.

    Ludogorets vs Spurs will be on this afternoon.
  10. That Spurs game was unfair. Kane, Son, Aurier, and Sissoko all sat and they still won easily. Even had a couple backup center backs start, though Davinson Sanchez is a really great backup.
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  11. Sounds like Araujo may be joining him.

  12. Maybe the beard will keep him healthy.
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  13. Its good to see the federation apparently making an effort to go after these Mexican-American players for once. Feel like we’ve missed out on too many potential depth players because they dragged their heels so often.
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  14. Again, I don't know if all or even ANY of these kids end up choosing the US but it's hard to not see that.... one, we are clearly doing a much better job on a staff level at connecting with these guys and two, the players are clearly seeing the young core of this club and realizing what it might become. I'm about 95% convinced the next decade+ of CONCACAF will see the US as the dominant side surpassing Mexico.
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  15. Definitely watching this one. Hopefully ISU is already jackhammering the Horns by the time it starts. :)
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