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2019 Season Ticket Upgrade Data

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ticketfrog123, Mar 22, 2019.

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    I know i'm a bit early, but trying to stay ahead and organized. Do we know what day the upgrade process begins?

    Link to 2017 Thread for reference

    Thought it'd be useful for the less frequent users to refer to a separate thread to see the info clearly in one place regarding points needed to pick on a certain day instead of reading through the renewal threads as things heat up.

    I will update the OP for as long as the forum allows me, if not i'll post cumulative updates if additional users want to add additional info on their selection time, points, and rank.

    Thinking this would be useful for users who want to see where they need to be in subsequent years if they keep track of which days parking lots / seats they want are taken as the selection period progresses. Obviously things can change year to year, though.

    Format is: Day / Date / Time / Pts / Rank.

    2017 example = Date: Wednesday 4.19 / 10:47 AM / 226 pts / 1972

    2019 Data

    Monday 5.6 / 12:25 PM / 1,015 pts /
    Tuesday 5.7 / 9:05 AM / 559 points / rank 1318
    Tuesday 5.7 / 1:51 PM / 332 pts / rank 1844
    Tuesday 5.7 / 2:10pm / 322 pts / rank 1875
    Tuesday 5.7 / ~2:20 PM / 318 pts / Ranking 1892
    Wednesday 5.8 / 9:40 am / 264 pts / rank 2095
    Wednesday 5.8 / 10:40 AM / 247 pts / rank 2170
    Wednesday 5.8 / 1:30 PM / 200 pts / rank 2386
    Thursday 5.9 / 1:48 PM / 130 pts / rank 2775
    Friday 5.10 / ~10:00 AM / 106 pts

    Tuesday 5.14 / TBD / TBD pts
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  2. I am ranked #1 after my parents donated $10 million to the athletic department in November. Hoping to upgrade from section 302.
  3. How does the process work for upgrading club seats or is it the same?
  4. For the first time since 2005 I didn't renew.
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  5. In the past club seats have not been included in the upgrade process.
  6. Curious as to why
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  7. As ridiculous as it sounds, $10 million wouldn't even get that #1 ranking at TCU. $15 million and up gets you into the top 100 club. TCU is very fortunate the level of support they get from their hardcore base.

  8. I was thinking the same, my FC # has moved backward from 700’s. 6K a year in donations, moving backward for those keeping score.
  9. That what I thought, too, so I called the ticket office. The ticket office referred me to the frog club. The frog club told me to select the option that I wish to upgrade and someone from the frog club would reach out (I assume in order of priority points) to let me know what options were available. So, we'll see...
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  10. So you’re saying that TCU has taken in $1.5 billion in donations from its top 100 donors what, every year? The relevant period for donations to age out of Frog Points?
  11. Not sure what you’re saying here, but you’re missing a few things. TCU, and any other university, does not receive $1.5B in annual athletic donations on a normal year...that’s insane.

    The period that donations “age out” is ~10 years, not every year.

    The new AGCS was funded by $10mm it $15mm donations for the suites so that’s where the top 100 roughly sit.
  12. Donations no longer "age out." They changed that rule a couple years ago. It's now cumulative instead of the 10-year rolling.
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    I feel your pain.
  14. Link or source?

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  15. Yeah. I hadn't heard this either...
  16. Bump, I believe selection times are typically released in early April, so within another week or so.
  17. Donations still roll off priority points after 10 years. This has not changed.

    Go Frogs!
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  18. Normally this is correct. But we have pushed it back this year to be May 6 for the start date. We will be sending an email next week with this info to everyone that requested to be in the upgrade process.

    Also this year, we will move directly from upgrades right into new sales for anyone that wants additional or new tickets. In the past these have been 2 separate processes with upgrades in April and new sales in May.

    To pre-answer the next question, no, additional tickets cannot be purchased during upgrades. We still want to keep this benefit for returning fans to move before new seats can be purchased. Fans will simply get a second selection date if they also want to add on.

    For example, donor A wants to upgrade and buy 2 more seats. A time slot of let’s say May 7 would be assigned and then a second time slot on maybe May 12 would also be assigned to pick additional tickets. Donor B does not want to upgrade current seats but does want to buy additional seats. He would only receive a time slot for the second group.

    As always, time slots will be assigned based on priority rank. I hope that helps answer questions. Please feel free to call the ticket office if we can answer anything else.

    Thanks for your support!

    Go Frogs!
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  19. As long as the beer is flowing for the 350 people in the club- and the stadium is 1/2 empty until UT outnumbers us in AGC... big money is great! We need T shirt fans.
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  20. The current upgrade process even encourages reselling tickets. Say I have 2 tickets in a relatively decent area. I upgrade to 4. The additional 2 aren’t going to be near by current 2. I’m not going to bring my family and split us up, so I resell the new 2. The next year not enough people drop tickets for me to upgrade to getting all 4 together anywhere decent. I resell the newer 2 again. Maybe 4+ years down the line I get lucky and get 4 together where I’m relatively pleased.

    I haven’t done this, but I could easily see myself doing it in the future. I get that TCU is trying to be fair, so that big donors aren’t upgrading to 50 seats or something. At the same time, if you adopt 2 kids and need 2 seats, you are out of luck at TCU.

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