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2018 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Previously mentioned that TM-W is possibly the most gifted receiver coming in 2018, but he may never have an offensive pass to catch, as a Frog...
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  2. I've read a few posts now about TMW and he being an excellent receiver. Very nice news to ponder for us fans. TCU WR recruiting classes have been pretty loaded for many years now.
  3. He’s not a WR.
  4. Stuff! everybody knows that already. Will play Safety or CB or WR in that order. Sounds like he is quite the WR also. It's interesting.
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    We're losing/graduating some WRs who struggled, from our original expectations. But it seems we've reloaded in a very favorable fashion over the past couple of years. Still wanting that real or special recievers coach, while desk sentencing 1 of the 2 we presently have.

    Appears TM-W will have to get his receptions off the opposing QB's ... which he should excel at.
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  6. Hey Moose.

    Do the Frogs still have a shot at Waddle?
  7. No.
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  8. I have no inside info. I’d be shocked if he ended up at TCU though.

  9. Hmmmmm..... if you watch the video above you’ll notice that Hunt is not in it. Maybe reading too much into it but seems a little ominous.

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  10. That would be unfortunate.

    It looks like Rogers, Esteban, and Pro Wells (Northwest shirt)? Who is the kid in the blackshirt and earrings? And shouldn't McKinney be moving in as a JUCO guy?
  11. Pretty sure McKinney was in there, wasn't he? I guess its a qualification issue with Hunt if in fact he couldn't enroll? If so, you'd have to think he could get that solved this spring. ??

  12. That WAS Mckinney. Not Avila. The other one was Barber.
  13. What video? What happened?
  14. It's literally 6 posts above yours. Tweet showing early enrollees moving in.

    The ones who were scheduled to make it in that appeared in the video were Rogers/McKinney/Barber/Wells/Jackson. Hunt was supposed to be one, but wasn't in the video.

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