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2018 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Ohhh, Taye!
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  2. Gary, contrats on the Alamo Bowl win!
  3. Thanks! I worked really hard to make sure we did the things we needed to do to score one more point. But really it's all about these kids.
  4. This is more observation than prediction, but man this kid went from grossly underrated to having some pretty high expectations. As a point of reference, Hunt is rated about the same as Graham.

    Now he has a hell of a backstory and like all TCU kids I will be pulling as hard as I can for him, but I really hope he handles all the attention well. When you go from a Kansas commit to a #15 rating in TX (247) that is a big jump and it happened quick.

    And he will have a great shot at playing as a freshman due to the youth in our WR corps. Quick aside - anyone know how Al'dontre Davis is doing? If I recall he was really highly rated then got hurt. That could be a nice surprise to add some depth.
  5. Literally not worried one bit about how Hunt would handle added expectations/attention.
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  6. Still waiting to see what is sure to be the VERY short things of things you do worry about. :)
  7. I’ve answered that question previously. What happens when Gary isn’t our HC anymore??? That’s literally it. Nothing else.

    You gotta really go out of your way to worry about something like how will T Hunt handle having his 247 recruiting rankings go up.
  8. rest of the carterboys? I guess they mean targets? Cause hunt is the only signee in the game, right?
  9. I assume it was targeted at guys like Coburn unless that account is aware of silent commits (seems unlikely).
  10. This afternoon, 1700 CT. Fun!
  11. Running out of Bushmills, watching out where the dog did his business, and people hunting off my driveway about covers it for me.

  12. Some say confidence is half the battle. Well, he has it.
  13. I mean since Texas thinks it’s a 7 on 7 team, he is going to have all day to throw
  14. 4 in a row, will be 5 soon enough over horn girlies.

    I love it so.

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