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2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. no doubt and the key is the o-line. if the line can be effective in run blocking with anderson and sewo it helps to take pressure off shawn (or whomever it may be) and allows things to build from there on offense.

    ct's crew has some work to do, but niang has some big potential, iwuagwu has played quite a bit of the past two years, and i have good feelings about mckinney. i am curious who will end up at the center position.
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  2. We have no worries at the center position. Harris is going to be a beast for us. He would have played last year as a true freshman were it not for his injury.
  3. This isn’t a subjective opinion. We have a new qb, 4 new OL, a new starting rb and 2 starting WR. We are losing 8 starters on offense. I know we shuffle our wr and our rb quite a bit, but any school starting 4 new OL and a new QB would be labeled inexperienced. I don’t think anyone is saying that means we are going to be bad, just inexperienced.
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  4. yes it is subjective. who was the leading rusher for tcu last year in not only total yards, ypc, ypg, and rushing td's? if you don't know that answer stop now.

    mix in sewo and that is a pretty good pair of experienced running backs

    frogs return reagor and 3 senior wr's with 200+ career catches. not exactly starting over and we have seen in multiple seasons that your wr's can contribute early and be effective. like my chances with those 4 augmented by manning, hunt, and barber along with other guys such as thomas and snell

    cordel (16 starts in 2 seasons) and niang( 7 starts last year) both started more than half the season last year and played extensively over the past two years

    yes, new qb and holes to fill in o-line. who fills them? don't know, not my job, but i do know the cupboard is far from bare on the offensive side of the ball
  5. At the end of the day I think the position that matters most is QB. I honestly think that the O line may be a strength this next year that we just didn’t know about. Kind of like our D ends last year. We went into the season worried and they were arguably our best position group. I really like CT and all he is doing and I think our line will surprise some people
  6. ct did a very good job last year and i am curious what happens in the spring and 2018

    tackles look promising with mckinney, niang, and myers. would like for one of the junior tackles to step up and make it a 4-man rotation, but far from starting over.

    inside is where the questions pop up. cordel needs to get better, but that can be said of every player on every college roster. he will have four years in the program and i think we will start to see that pay off for him next year.

    let the competition begin from there. harris brothers, elliott, and hollins are names i hear the most about the two other interior spots.
  7. Are you referring to Wes or Hunter?
  8. Wes Harris doesn’t play center. Hollins is most likely our starting center next season.
  9. Be interested if Hollins develops into the starter. When Morris was out, they brought back Schlott from guard to handle the C spot, rather than Hollins. Don't see that he is test worthy and will be watching that very important position's 2 deep, during the Spring.
  10. Hunter Harris is the Center of the 2 Bros. Hollins and the incoming Fr. Lanz (if he is football smart) could also get a shot. Can't think of anyone else there.
  11. Yes, I stand corrected. Keep confusing which Harris brother plays center. But point is that Wes will eliminate our concerns at one of the guard positions.
  12. If we need RB depth, Clemson kid Fuller just announced he’s transferring..Although a position of strength for us, I Wonder if we have any interest.

    Speaking of Wes Harris.......He is listed now at
    6-4 310...I do think he is in the rotation this year and could be a major contributor.
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  13. Of course we have interest. But it’s going to be a very difficult sell to get a grad transfer at RB.
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    Wes ... 'could' eliminate a concern at our 2nd guard positon. We have enough animals at the tackle spots to be good there. Question remains... is at guard depth and who shows up to man that ever so important center position.

    Again, Hollins did not get moved up when Morris went down, as Schlott was moved over, instead... or was Hollins not available due to an injury? So is he ready, or is the spot wide open to Hunter/Lanz/others ?
  15. I think Morris moved over for 2 reasons. Coaches wanted an experienced dude making line calls/protections...and Big Cordel was further along then Hollins. Pretty easy decision.
  17. Hunt just made the Seattle team I think it was, and is now at Kansas City, one poster said. He was a center.
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    Absolutely, when Morris went down mid season ... Hollins wasn't ready mentally and/or physically then ... so no reason to pencil him in for 2018 yet.
  19. Anyone else see the irony that his post was at 3:25 a.m. and edited at 4:29 a.m.?
  20. Do you really even understand the meaning of irony, Inspector Gadget.

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