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2018 Bowl Game TV Guide w/ Spreads

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by fuelfrog, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Without further ado, here is your 2018 CFB Bowl Viewing Guide...


    I'll be updating results and spreads periodically...otherwise, enjoy the early Christmas present

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  2. Updated spreads + incorporated over/under...

  3. What does "PK" mean in our -\+ ?
  4. pick ‘em - no points for either side.
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  5. Pick em. Even odds for both teams to win.

    And I'd take the under in our game.
  6. you dorks make some picks - im going to take the opposite and make a boat load.
  7. This is NOT baylorfans, sir.
  8. Not a bad lineup of bowls for today (12/15).
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  9. Great play by NC A&T there
  10. UNT not in a good way right now. Mason Fine pulled a hammi in the first quarter and it has been all bad since.
    6+ minutes in the second quarter and they are down 35-7.
  11. UNT was never the same after losing to Louisiana Tech even with Mason Fine

    They got a bit too much hype for beating Arkansas who turned out to be terrible.
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  12. Sheesh....... Arizona St QB just got his knee destroyed on literally the last play of his college football career. Hard to watch.

    Edit..... he’s up. Damn that looked bad.
  13. PAC 12 on their way to another 1-8 bowl record for this season?
  14. Still can’t believe he walked off seemingly no worse for wear, that was crazy.
  15. Our game has the lowest over/under of any bowl, by a long shot.
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    Anyone hear a resume time for this Servpro bowl?
  17. Yeah I'm waiting too Quilter
  18. Cancelled. Oh well.
  19. Imagine flying all the way from Boise or Boston to spend Christmas in Dallas, only to get to watch one drive and then the game is canceled. Brutal .
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  20. Why was it cancelled?

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