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2018-19 Basketball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Oct 23, 2018.

  2. RJ with the start.
  3. Do we know if Noi is hurt or is his absence something else.
  4. Why the hell is there a Raider Rash Vball game playing in the place of my frogs on FSSW?
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  5. Saw him post an Instagram story a month or so ago being at a diagnostic imaging place. That's all I got.

    BTW his posts on Instagram crack me up. He's a funny dude
  6. He has an injured knee according to the broadcasters last night. No clue which one or how serious it is.
  7. Texas grinds out an OT W over Arkansas. Only caught the last 5-10 of regulation and OT. Fun end to the game.
  8. Texas A&M just lost at home to UC Irvine, congrats to coach Russ Turner on the big non conference road win

    WVU is going to lose in overtime to Buffalo. Not a bad loss, Buffalo destroyed Arizona in the tourney last year
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    Southern Miss beats SMU by 10 in Dallas.
    Frogs face Mustangs next month.

    Frogs' Game 4 opponent Lipscomb improved to 2-o yesterday with a 7-pt win over Tennessee State.

    Frogs' first opponent in the Hawaii tournament, Charlotte, beat Oklahoma State by 2 yesterday (in Charlotte).

    Frogs' Nov. 26 opponent Eastern Michigan improved to 2-0 on Friday with a 4-pt win over Drexel.

    CSU Bakersfield hung 111 on something called Antelope Valley on Friday.

    Iowa State improved to 2-0 with a 17-pt win over Mizzou on Friday.

    Frog OOC opponent Central Michigan hung 101 on Chicago State in a 41-pt win on Friday.

  10. Seth Davis is really high on TCU which hasn’t been the case in the past
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  11. TCU faces Lipscomb Tuesday night.
    Lipscomb is on the other side of the metroplex tonight to take on SMU at 6. Can watch on ESPN3.
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  12. West Virginia lost again last night and is 1-2. That's certainly surprising to me.
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    Lipscomb beats SMU 79-73 at Moody. Ponies 2-2 and Lipscomb now 3-1. Frogs get Lipscomb Tuesday and SMU in Dallas next month.

    #8 Villanova lost at home to Furman by 8 in OT.

    Looking ahead to Monday night Tech and USC play at a neutral site. Good luck at two of our upcoming opponents. Same thing on Wednesday with OU and Florida.
  14. I knew last week wouldn’t last long. This week he drops TCU from 13 to unranked.
  15. That makes sense.

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  16. Without Noi and Fisher we realistically probably aren’t one of the top 25 teams in the country right now. Early rankings are useless either way.
  17. I don't know nearly enough about college basketball as a whole to be able to tell you where we should or shouldn't be in the top 25 right now, but I do agree that early season rankings are useless.

    My only point was that having us at 13 one week and then unranked the next week when we still haven't lost is dumb. I'm not worried about it, I don't care about any rankings right now, and I certainly don't care about Seth Davis personal rankings ever. I get that it's meaningless, but it's also dumb. Nothing happened between last week and this week to constitute a 13+ spot drop in the rankings.
  18. Same thoughts.

    But also:

  19. ***Siren.gif***

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