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2018-19 Basketball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Oct 23, 2018.

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    We are 15 days away from tip-off, and the Frogs are ranked #20 in the preseason AP Poll and picked to finish 4th in the Big 12.

    AP Poll:
    1. Kansas (Adidas scandal to the top!)
    2. Kentucky
    3. Gonzaga
    4. Duke
    5. Virginia
    6. Tennessee (remember when UT fired Rick Barnes?)
    7. Nevada (TCU opponent last year, good team)
    8. UNC (cheating ain’t no thing)
    9. Villanova
    10. Michigan State
    11. Auburn
    12. Kansas State
    13. West Virginia
    14. Oregon
    15. Virginia Tech
    16. Syracuse (dammit)
    17. Florida State
    18. Mississippi State
    19. Michigan
    20. TCU (go Frogs)
    21. UCLA
    22. Clemson
    23. LSU
    24. Purdue
    25. Washington

    TCU opponents Flordia, Texas Tech, USC, and Texas receiving votes.

    Frogs will play 12 games against teams ranked or receiving votes in the preseason AP spill.

    Not receiving votes: Baylor, SMU, OU, OSU, ISU

    Big 12 Preseason Coaches Poll:
    1. #1 Kansas (unanimous)
    2. #12 Kansas State
    3. #13 West Virginia
    T-4. #20 TCU
    T-4. RV Texas
    6. Iowa State
    7. RV-Texas Tech
    8. Oklahoma
    9. Baylor
    10. Oklahoma State

    I think Tech is ranked too low. They were an elite 8 team with a good recruiting class. I’m confused by Iowa State at 6 as well.


    Frogs have a 15-man roster with the max 13 scholarships and 2 walks ons (Aschieris and Arnette). Only 2 seniors - JD Miller and Alex Robinson and a total of 7 true and red shirt scholarship freshmen.


    Frogs open non-conference play on 11/7. All games televised this year.

    11/7 v. Cal State Bakersfield (9-18, 225)
    11/11 v. Oral Roberts (8-20, 256)
    11/15 v. Fresno State (19-11, 103)
    11/20 v. Lipscomb (20-10, 105)
    11/26. v. Eastern Michigan (18-13, 110)
    11/30 v. Central Michigan (18-15, 144)
    12/5 @ SMU (17-16, 117)
    12/7 N [Staples Center] USC (24-12, 37)
    12/16 v. Indiana State (11-18, 176)
    12/22 N [Honolulu] Charlotte (5-23, 321)
    12/23 N [Honolulu] TBD
    12/25 N [Honolulu] TBD
    12/28 @ Hawaii Pacific [Divisoon 2]
    1/5 v. Baylor (18-15, 70) [winter recess til 1/14]
    1/9 @ Kansas (31-8, 3) [winter recess til 1/22]
    1/12 @ OU (18-14, 53) [winter recess til 1/14]
    1/16 v. WVU (26-11, 24)
    1/19 @ KSU (25-12, 38) [winter recess til 1/22]
    1/23 v. Texas (19-15, 52)
    1/26 v. Florida (21-13, 43)
    1/28 @ Tech (27-10, 18)
    2/2 @ Baylor (18-15, 70)
    2/6 v. OSU (21-15, 85)
    2/9 @ Iowa St (13-18, 142)
    2/11 v. Kansas (31-8, 3)
    2/16 v. OU (18-14, 53)
    2/18 @ OSU (21-15, 85)
    2/23 v. Iowa St (13-18, 142)
    2/26 @ WVU (26-11, 24)
    3/2 v. Tech (27-10, 18)
    3/4 v. KSU (25-12, 38)
    3/9 @ Texas (19-15, 52)

    Notable that we only have 1 Big 12 home game without students (vs. pre season Big 12 #9 Baylor) but get 3 Big 12 road games while the opponent’s students are still on winter break @ KU, K-State and OU.

    We have several possible Big Monday games—@ Tech, v. Kansas, v. K-State.

    NET replaces RPI:
    As a reminder, RPI is dead. A new NCAA ranking system “NET” will be used starting next month. More here: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketbal...-mens-basketball-committee-adopts-new-ranking
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  2. I think our success will depend a lot on the Alok-Samuel-Barlow-McWilliam quartet in the paint.

    I'm hoping that this season doesn't remind us of the disappointing '98-'99 season...such high expectations that never materialized.

    This is going to be a fun year!
  3. Just saw a tweet that the entire team is already injured and out for the season and that The Scholl has burned down with Jamie Dixon inside.
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    Some other preseason speculation:

    These ESPN power rankings are, I think, a better projection than the Big 12 coaches poll: KU, K-State, WVU, TCU, Texas, Tech, Iowa St, Baylor, OU, OK State:

    SI following the same order but drinking some Iowa State dark horse kool-aid:

    Talk of TCU, K-State, Auburn, Tennessee and Nevada having possibly their best rosters ever:

    Can TCU shoot its way to a deep tourney run from the outside?

    NBC sports has a great preview. They’re high on the Frogs at #15 and think we’re a lock finish in the top half of the league. Offense as strength and defense as potential weakness. Fisher’s health the x-factor.
  5. Who can replace Vlad in the post is going to be our biggest question. Have heard that Alok is a pretty decent shooter but can he pass as well. We have questions for sure but we thing I believe we know is this is an extremely talented squad.
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  6. All season tickets gone. Wait list now forming.
  7. Today is Big 12 Media Day in KC.Will try to post updates periodically
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  8. Big 12 announced the MBB Tournament will be continue to be hosted in KC tbrough at least 2024 at the Sprint Center. WBB Tournament will move to KC in 2020 and be hosted there through at least 2024 as well at Municipal Auditorium.
  9. Does “played in the local market of the home team” potentially mean the game won’t be played at the home team’s arena but somewhere nearby?
  10. so kansas can keep having players be withheld from playing, but the program doesn't go on probation........
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  11. I always get a laugh about things like “last year’s Final 4 appearance will be vacated”. Oh no. Who the scheiss cares???
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  12. Agree. I guess NCAA/media think all the fans will have the Men in Black come by and erase our memory of them being in the final 4
  13. Yep. Like I’d really give a crap if the NCAA told us tomorrow we were forfeiting the Oregon Alamo Bowl win. It still happened soooooo......
  14. Yeh I'd be more than happy to win a NC in any sport only to have it vacated later on. To be honest, I don't remember which seasons USC had to vacate. I know they won a NC and were awesome.
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  15. When are tickets being sent out?
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  16. If true-that news woulda been out Monday

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