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2017 Signing Day thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Can we now call our selves The U? The University of Texas Christian University is getting kind of long. 
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826800478541393920
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  4. I've heard the best therapy was sitting by a computer checking commits' signings. I hope the next few hours helps with the pain...
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  5. Anyone else here a little worried Manning may flip?
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  6. Where is Manning and Snell? Who else are we waiting for?
    Not till now...
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  8. No.
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  9. https://twitter.com/jghfblitz/status/826800757651435520

  10. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826800733307613187
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    Snell is in
  12. Dang it.
  13. He said he was 110%
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  14. Ooooh that Snell
    Can't you smell that Snell
         -Leonard Skinnard
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    Gary's signing day surprise from the tweet.  Anxious to see who it is.
  16. Anxiously waiting....Ellis please
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    Maybe that receiver
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  18. Probably Al'Dontre.
  19. https://twitter.com/_andrew_lopez/status/826803305514934272

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