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2017 Signing Day thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Figured we need one of these to keep everything in one place? So...who's in?

    I guess we can go ahead and list our EEs Shawn Robinson and Wes Harris.

    And our JUCO signee Alex Bush.
  2. Solid start with those three. As Modkins would say, "Who's next?"
  3. Somebody make sure the fax machine is plugged in. Let's go!
  4. Who forgot to do that? Was it aggy or is that myth? Could have sworn someone did just that.
  5. I think it was Baylor who forgot to send in documentation for a few of their top recruits.  Then they couldn't even play hardball with them when they tried to transfer without restrictions after boat hit the fan in Waco.
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  7. I haven't been keeping up as much this year, are we in the mix for anyone announcing today?
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  8. Is the machine loaded with a big roll of thermal paper?
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  9. What about the kid who was announcing his choice from a cemetery? Did he decide already or is it today?
  10. Bama
  11. yesterday. Alabama.
  12. We got what we needed at DT anyway!
    Cheers !
  13. https://twitter.com/creekwildcats/status/826777716678594560
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  14. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826781973196660738
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  15. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826774048076034049
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  16. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826773168270368770
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  17. My twitter feed is full of Aggy signings. Wake up boys! Get those letters in!
  18. https://twitter.com/tcufootball/status/826785150595784704
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  19. You're following the wrong people!
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  20. You're following the wrong people

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